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Take paper as the king and create a new century for the packaging industry (Part 2)

(5) printing performance

in packaging paper, printing suitability is a very important indicator, which refers to the comprehensive evaluation of the way in which paper, printing plate and ink cooperate with each other to achieve the optimal practical effect when managing the production of printed matter with the necessary speed, quantity and quality under the locked printing mode

surface strength (vertical strength) refers to the ability to resist delamination and tear perpendicular to the plane on the unit area of the paper, and also includes the ability to resist powder and hair loss. The so-called poor surface strength, for example, if the coated white paperboard concrete pressure testing machine measures and judges the performance parameters of concrete according to the national standard gb/t50081 (2) 002 "standard for experimental methods of mechanical properties of ordinary concrete", it is that the filler particles of the coating are not well bonded, the coating is not well bonded with the base paper, and there is not enough bonding strength between the base paper fibers. Therefore, in the printing process, the ink film will peel off the coating particles and fine fibers, which is the phenomenon of powder and hair loss. In order to strengthen the surface strength of paper, more efforts should be made in papermaking raw materials and processing technology to ensure that the quality of paper meets the use requirements. The measurement methods of surface strength include: wax stick method, tensile test method, galling critical speed method, etc

porosity is a "mirror" of the internal porous structure of paper, which is often expressed as the percentage of the volume occupied by the air in the paper. This index is related to the permeability and oil absorption of paper. At the same time, it also affects the penetration, transfer and drying of ink, as well as the quality of printed matter. Antistatic property is a measure taken to overcome the static electricity generated by the repeated friction of the paper surface by the printing plate, so as to avoid the adhesion of the paper, which will affect the printing operation and the quality of the finished product. This indicator is only required for packaging paper used for printing. The usual way is to add antistatic agent to the paper or install "static elimination" device on the printing machine

foreign developments

in recent years, with the rapid development of information technology and packaging and printing industry, international paper manufacturers have continuously penetrated into the packaging field aiming at the market, developed marketable packaging cardboard, tried every means to expand benefits, and achieved remarkable results

in terms of food packaging, ENSO company of Finland has produced cardboard with a new protective coating, which can be used as packaging materials for liquid and solid food. The brand name is ensobarr, which is much superior to the conventional plastic protective coating and comparable to aluminum foil. The protective coating has only three layers instead of the conventional four layers. It can retain the color, aroma and taste of food, prolong the sales cycle, and can also be used as sterile packaging materials. In addition, the packaging branch of Westvaco consumer products has also developed a food packaging material, which is used to pack bearings. It adopts imported brand non frozen food, has a patented sealing method, and provides a high-quality printing surface, which can be baked in a conventional oven or microwave oven

as people pay more and more attention to environmental protection, the United States vigorously advocates the recycling of waste paper. The e-cub ETM packaging material produced by E-TECH products company of the United States is made of recycled waste paper, which looks like a square. After filling, the products packaged as eggs can not move in the box, avoiding cracking. Compared with foamed plastics, e-cubes are more convenient and fast in filling, and can fill commodities of any shape, recyclable, biodegradable and non-toxic. Stone container company of the United States also produces cordeck corrugated plates, which are mainly used for the packaging and transportation of goods and are durable. Longview fiber company of the United States recently launched a high-quality retail packaging paper bag with handle, which can be printed in three to four colors. It is produced with recycled kraft paper bags, which are divided into original kraft paper bags, bleached paper bags and other colors. This paper bag can compete with plastic bags completely, and it can be biodegraded. The price is higher than plastic bags, but the service life is long

in terms of packaging and printing paper, Canada's port haw kesbury Co., Ltd. (stora's branch) has produced a new generation of printing paper, which fills the gap between overpressure a (SCA) paper and low weight coated paper (LWC). In order to adapt to the rapid growth of a small amount of digital printing, Mohawk paper mill in the United States has installed a production line, specializing in the production of special processed, high-performance digital printing paper. According to the special needs of the market, Fraser company produces two special papermaking products, one is called s/Cr erase base. This kind of paper is required to strictly meet the standards in thickness, smoothness, opacity and coating performance, and the quality of each roll of paper should be consistent. The other is thermal imaging paper, which is used for fax transmission and other purposes. In addition, due to the growing demand for paper with low weight, high opacity and good durability, a Canadian company has produced a new type of offset paper with thermally ground mechanical pulp (TMP), named AC terna tive offse TTM. Its opacity is higher than that of offset paper produced with chemical pulp, but its weight is lower

market analysis

in 2002, China's average annual paper consumption was 29 kg/person, while the world's average annual paper consumption was 54 kg/person, Europe's average annual paper consumption was 122 kg/person, the United States' average annual paper consumption was 332 kg/person, and Finland's average annual paper consumption was 352 kg/person. Therefore, China's paper consumption will show a rapid growth trend in recent years, and the market demand for various paper products will basically be released at this stage. In 2005, the output of paper and paperboard in China is expected to reach 40million to 50million tons, and the per capita consumption is nearly 38 kg, which is equivalent to the average consumption level in Asia. Among all kinds of paper consumption, the amount of packaging paper is very prominent. In 2004, the packaging paper market continued to show a peaceful situation, and the competition became more intense. The main reason is that the new production capacity is too concentrated, and the market demand needs to be amplified

in terms of main packaging paper, carton board paper will be the most competitive among all kinds of paper. Some million ton paper machines that have been put into operation will release huge production capacity in 2004. For example, large new paper machines such as nine dragons and Liwen will be put into operation one after another. The excessive concentration of new production capacity will make the market competition enter white hot, and the imported carton board paper will continue to be besieged by domestic paper. The import decline of this kind of paper in 2004 is not expected to be too low, If some coastal paper mills can successfully enter the overseas market, it will help to balance the domestic market. In terms of corrugated base paper, because there are not many large projects under construction recently, corrugated base paper is likely to become the only paper type with increased import volume in 2004 again, but the production of Nine Dragons phase III project will inhibit the import speed of this paper type; In addition, the emergence of new production capacity will break the market pattern of white paperboard, the import volume of imported white paperboard, especially non tobacco white paperboard, will decline significantly, and the market will be redefined, optimized and subdivided: the fatigue of white paperboard will be confirmed, which will not only perplex the market, but also squeeze out some of the white paperboard Market

although Paul Spencer, head of biomaterials of Evonik's medical and health business line in the city, said that the development of the market is somewhat weak and the increasingly fierce competition will continue, the prospect of packaging paper should be very bright, especially the penetration and deepening of high and new technology, which has the power to develop more and better new packaging paper. In the packaging industry, in the face of these various kinds of packaging paper, we should strive to achieve careful design, clever arrangement, develop strengths and circumvent weaknesses, and flexible application, so as to achieve the purpose of "taking what we need" packaging. (Chen Changsheng, Wang Wenjing)

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