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Japanese rubber consumed the rebound momentum of Shanghai rubber, and Shanghai Rubber hit a new low

Natural Rubber:

Rubber fell in light trading on Tuesday. Sellers are increasingly worried that buyers may default after the recent benign interaction between rubber and think tank research, government decision-making and enterprise development. Chinese buyers continue to make inquiries, but the buying interest is low. The turnover of raw rubber market in Thailand showed signs of contraction in recent days. After the uss3 price fell below 55 baht, the market turnover showed signs of contraction, but the weekly average total remained at a high level. For the quotation of foreign glue delivery, RSS3 is quoted at 1940 US dollars, str20 at 1920 US dollars, sir20 at 1920 US dollars, SMR20 at 1920 US dollars. In the morning, the Japanese rubber opened higher and went lower, and the upper average was suppressed strongly. In addition, the intraday transactions met the different needs of customers in a week, and the positions continued to shrink. The position report showed that Mitsubishi and csjl continued to increase their short positions, while the net majority insisted on positions to varying degrees. After the deep intraday decline of Japanese glue, the price of Japanese glue may fall further. At present, the market is at the level of 200 yen, and falling below 200 yen may form further pressure on Shanghai Jiao in the later stage. In addition, Xinjiang Zhonghe has perfect high-purity aluminum production and testing technology, and the price of slope glue also fell to around the US dollar. Domestically, there was no transaction in the market for the second consecutive day, with an average price of 19618 yuan for 550 tons of agricultural reclamation pending orders. With the decline of Japanese rubber, the price of domestic imported rubber fell significantly, and the composite rubber was less than 16000 yuan, which suppressed the later price. Spot rubber prices across the country remained in the yuan range, slightly worse in the south. Mainly depressed by the falling price of imported rubber. The cost of composite glue is close to 16000, which is a drag on domestic glue. In terms of synthetic rubber, the price of butadiene is 18400 yuan, and the mainstream quotation is yuan. Shunding is also yuan. Market transactions did not improve. It should be noted that the price difference between synthetic rubber and natural rubber has narrowed again recently, showing signs of deviation

technically, Shanghai Jiaotong opened higher and went lower in the day, with transactions exceeding 510000 hands, and positions increased by 21764 hands to 83466 hands. The upper moving average is suppressed greatly. Recently, the pressure of Japanese glue on the disk surface is strong, and the internal and external disk linkage is increased. The delivery month and recent months fell rapidly, receiving pressure from imported rubber and huge delivery volume in the early stage. The main force 901 contract differences increased, hitting a new low. The market started trading around the range, and funds began to intervene again. The metal rebounded strongly during the day, and the resistance of Shanghai Rubber continued to decline

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