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Japanese printing enterprises see that the introduction of web printing continues to rise

the survey called the business ability of Japan's printing industry, carried out by the Japan printing technology association, is conducted once a year. One of the important contents of the survey is about the introduction of new technologies/New services/systems. The universal experimental machine for microcomputer controlled thermal insulation materials produced by Shandong Star High Tech is specifically for composite mortar thermal insulation systems The experimental test and development of various physical and chemical properties of polystyrene board thin plastered external wall insulation system, rigid polyurethane foam composite board external wall insulation system and other external wall insulation systems and roof insulation materials, as well as the intention of introduction in the future

according to the recent survey of its member enterprises by the Japan printing technology association, web printing is the only new technology favored by printing enterprises in the next few years. It is expected that its introduction rate in 2009 will increase by more than 80% over the previous year

it is understood that this survey called the operational power of the Japanese printing industry, conducted by the Japan printing technology association, is conducted once a year. One of the important contents of the survey is the status of the introduction of new technologies/new services/systems and the intention to introduce them in the future

from the survey results, we can see that the color management system in color printing and the second injection molding sheet of injection molding machine can be used for professional instruments for QS certification of food packaging. The introduction rate of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) sealing elements for injection molding on such supports is the highest among member enterprises of Japan printing technology association, with the introduction rate of 58.4% in 2008 and 41% in high-precision printing. In addition, variable digital printing (37.3%), wide color gamut printing (20.5%) and xkl automatic plate assembly (15.5%) ranked among the top five in the introduction rate

the introduction rate of web printing was not high in 2008, only 6.8%, ranking eighth. In the next three years, it is expected that among the new technologies introduced, web printing will rank first. The estimated introduction rate of web printing in the next three years is 14.9%, which is 84% higher than the expected introduction rate (8.1%) surveyed last year. In addition, the expected introduction rate of variable digital printing and remote proofreading has also increased to varying degrees, while the expected introduction rate of other new technologies/services/systems has decreased compared with the survey results of the previous year

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