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Japan relief printing "mp300 series" is popular in the United States

the passport printing machine "mp300 series" with high anti-counterfeiting performance developed by Japan relief printing Co., Ltd. since its listing, in addition to gradually gaining a foothold in the U.S. market, it is also gradually strengthening its sales in other countries in the world

First, the background of the popularity of "mp300 series":/p>

· countries all over the world are struggling to combat the increasingly rampant phenomenon of passport forgery and alteration. The traditional passport usually pastes the passport holder's photo on its first page, and the photo of this passport is easy to be replaced by people, and it is relatively simple to forge, which is undoubtedly one of the objective reasons for the frequent occurrence of forgery

· on the other hand, due to the different passport styles in various countries, it directly affects the efficiency of handling entry procedures and verification. There is a growing call for countries to strengthen coordination and form passports with internationally unified specifications that can be mechanically identified to improve business efficiency

in this context, all countries are looking forward to the emergence of passports that can not only make it more difficult for criminals to forge and alter, but also easy to identify. Therefore, the advent of this passport issuance system can be said to be popular

II. The main features of the passport issuing printer "mp300g":

(1) the specification of the "mp300g" printer

1. The unique digital recording method

· for the necessary personal conditions on the passport, the printer can complete the recording only once

Guangya aluminum invests an average of more than 40 million yuan per year as research and development funds. Because it is a unique working method, its printed passports are difficult to copy and alter

2. Compact body

· the printer is compact and easy to be set up and applied flexibly among distribution points

(2) specifications of vulnerable parts related to "mp300g" printer

1. Adopt high-level holographic technology

· provide vulnerable parts with high safety performance

· provide corresponding safety performance according to the requirements of the customer's country

2. Consistent manufacturing system

· from the design to manufacturing of vulnerable parts, the ability to be responsible to the end

III. The Application of "mp300g" in the United States

· it has been more than two years since the introduction of "mp300g" in the United States. With the entry of this model, the United States has successively added new passport issuance centers and issuance systems, and its issuance system is also constantly being updated. So far, nine passport issuing agencies represented by the national passport issuance center in potzma have completed the transformation of their issuance mechanism to "Toppan mp300g"

· in more than two years after the introduction of the passport issuance system, the number of American passports issued has exceeded 4million. Compared with the past, passport forgery in this period has been greatly curbed and is gradually disappearing

· it is reported that by August 2001, all 16 passport issuance centers in the United States will complete the transformation to the new issuance system "Toppan mp300g". By that time, about 7million American passports will be printed by "Toppan mp300g"

IV. how will "mp300 series" face the international market

· in order to improve the safety management ability necessary for the passport production related industry, the company will further establish the strict quality management system and safety management system of devices from design, manufacturing and supply to the actual application of passport issuing agencies. In addition, the summit, which has been engaged in passport manufacturing business for five years and is hosted by the Nanjing Municipal People's government, will also summarize the experience of using a large number of unqualified personnel to perfunctory factory inspection procedures, as well as the information already available in the field of passport issuance

· at present, it can be said that the passport printing industry around the world is focusing on "mp300g", which is good at "pigment series special ink transfer". With its existing safety management capabilities and experience, letterpress is highlighting the achievements made in the United States and launching active promotional activities for European countries with potential markets

· worldwide, it is estimated that about 10% of the passports issued worldwide each year come from "mp300g". The goal of letterpress printing is to increase this number to 20% in 2001, and further consolidate its position as a "manufacturer of passport issuance systems"

· in addition, in the process of expanding business areas, letterpress printing will be based on printing machines, and aim at the manufacturing of vulnerable parts and the application of systems. It is planned to achieve sales of 10billion yen in the next five years, with an average annual compound growth rate of 18.8%

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