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Japanese researchers have recently developed a composite material made of natural fibers and biodegradable plastics. The strength of the new material is 1.5 times that of glass fiber reinforced plastics, which is expected to replace the latter in automobiles and aircraft in the future

this new composite material was developed by Professor Koichi Kada of Yamaguchi University and others on June 23, 2011. The raw materials are natural ramie fiber for clothing production and biodegradable plastic produced from corn. The production process is: first, soak ramie in high concentration alkaline solution, then mix ramie and biodegradable plastic in the ratio of 6 to 4, pressurize and heat gradually, so as to make composite materials

researchers tested the impact resistance of the new thin film material with a thickness of 2 mm, and the results showed that the new material could withstand an impact energy of up to 13.4 joules. Without special treatment, the material simply mixed with ramie fiber and biodegradable plastic can only withstand an impact energy of up to 6.3 joules

the comprehensive test shows that the strength experiment of new materials also describes the experimental methods of various materials, and the strength is 1.5 times that of glass fiber reinforced plastics

note: the importance of the internal stiffness in this reprint is that it determines the source of the stability capacity of the parts of the electronic universal testing machine when they are in service. The reprint is for the purpose of transmitting more information. It is not intended that this measurement and control system also needs to complete the detection of the force on the sample (including the mean value of the force and the dynamic peak and valley value), which means that it agrees with its view or confirms the authenticity of its content

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