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Sany pile driving machine: leading the innovation trend of China's pile driving machinery industry Sany pile driving machine: leading the innovation trend of China's pile driving machinery industry introduction: on November 23, 2010, the Fifth China International Construction machinery, building materials machinery, engineering vehicles and Equipment Expo (Bauma China 2010), which was widely expected, was held in Shanghai New International Expo Center. China Construction machinery trade has sent a strong team to carry out all-round and multi angle

on November 23, 2010, the Fifth China International Construction machinery, building materials machinery, construction vehicles and Equipment Expo (Bauma China 2010), which was widely expected, was held in Shanghai New International Expo Center. China Construction machinery trade has sent a strong team to provide all-round, multi angle and timely live coverage of this BMW Exhibition (special report on BMW Shanghai 2010). The industry giant Sany group appeared in Shanghai with 43 participating products. In the Sany exhibition area, the Sany sr150, sr280r Ⅱ, sr420 Ⅱ and sh400c are lined up in a grand manner

among the 314 excellent piling machines, sr420 Ⅱ, the second generation of large-scale piling machines that can meet the construction requirements of large-diameter and ultra deep piles, has opened the era of intelligent piling machines with its high quality and superior performance

sr420 Ⅱ the maximum borehole diameter is 3M and the maximum borehole depth is 110m. In addition to the features of high torque, deep beyond the capacity range, helping pile holes as much as possible, and more efficient and stable operation performance, the biggest highlight of this product is the full use of intelligent technology, which has also become Sany's commitment to helping customers reduce operation difficulties, improve construction convenience, and lead the new development of industry operation technology. The following process conditions can be adopted: heating the sample to 100 ℃

sr420 Ⅱ is equipped with one machine and three screens, which can realize the monitoring of all operations during the drilling process, and monitor various data of the engine in real time, such as engine speed, pressure, temperature statistics, fuel consumption, battery work indication, etc. the machine can automatically diagnose and alarm for system faults

the global positioning and remote expert fault diagnosis module can not only monitor various data of the engine in real time, but also automatically diagnose system faults and give alarms, and remotely connect engineers to guide operations and allocate after-sales service resources in real time. The integration of Sany rotary drilling rig from operation to service tracking has been realized, providing faster service for product operation

meanwhile, Sany is the first enterprise in the industry to apply can bus technology to rotary drilling rigs. Compared with the traditional centralized control system, this can bus control system has the advantages of simplified wiring, low failure rate, strong anti-interference ability of digital signal transmission, high transmission accuracy, and greatly improved transmission speed and measurement stability

the high intelligence is also reflected in the multi gear control technology of the power head. During drilling rig construction, the standard mode can be used at ordinary times, and the torque is determined by the load; When encountering rocks, it can automatically switch to the rock entry mode, which can not only protect the drilling bucket, but also improve the rock entry capacity

sr420 Ⅱ rotary drilling rig will certainly win the favor of the market because of its superior performance, high reliability and high intelligence

it is also understood that the sr150 exhibited on the same stage is known as the construction weapon in the small pile machinery products in the industrial and civil construction market; Sh400c continuous wall grab is famous for its efficient construction and accurate grooving; Sr280r Ⅱ rock drilling rig represents the highest technical level of China's rock drilling rig, and its construction performance has been verified at many construction sites of the second line of bulletproof plug plate on lanxinde bulletproof vest

based on innovation, China's piling machinery industry has gone through a development process from scratch and from weak to strong through the introduction, digestion and absorption of foreign advanced technology since the 1950s. Its product technology level has been continuously improved and the enterprise scale has been continuously expanded. During this period, a number of excellent enterprises acted as pioneers in the industry

in 2003, with a keen grasp of the market and careful research, Sany set foot in the field of piling, and the first Sany rotary drilling rig sr220c appeared. Under the leadership of Sany piling workers who carry the national flag, a large number of excellent domestic piling enterprises have sprung up, and China's piling machinery industry has ushered in the spring of rapid development

from 2004 to 2006, Sany became the largest producer of piling machinery in Asia with the largest production and sales volume of rotary drilling rigs while establishing that the direct raw materials of the first diaphragm of China's piling machinery are mainly high molecular weight polyethylene, polypropylene and other brands, and has achieved the pride of national piling workers

at this time, Sany was still aware of the gap with the world's piling technology, and accelerated the pace of catching up. In 2007, under the background that the construction efficiency was generally affected by hard geology in the industry, Sany took the lead in putting forward the concept of domestic rock drilling rig and produced the first rock drilling rig - SR220R, which has driven the rapid growth of China's rock drilling rig market through product serialization

2008, Sany put forward the concept of manufacturing "large tonnage" pile drivers and quickly launched SR360 products. By guiding the industry to balance the site cost with the construction efficiency of "large diameter, ultra deep pile and one-time hole forming". In the bid section of zhaoshihe bridge of Xi'an Tongchuan highway, SR360 competed with domestic and foreign well-known products of the same type for the first time, and successfully completed the pile hole construction with a diameter of 2 meters, a depth of 70 meters and a rock hardness of 80 MPa in 35 hours, achieving a leap forward for China's pile machinery to catch up with the world. Taking this opportunity, during the Beijing Construction Machinery Exhibition in November, 2009, Sany launched the intelligent drilling rig sr420 product to meet the professional and personalized needs of the industry for pile foundation construction and realize intelligent and data-based pile foundation operation. For a while, domestic large tonnage and intelligent piling machinery products have become a new development trend in the industry

in July, 2010, Beijing Sany Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. launched the second generation of piling machinery products leading the new trend of the industry through the summary and demonstration of various customer construction needs and the continuous improvement and verification of products

"the second generation rotary drilling rig pays more attention to humanization and construction details. It is a new generation of piling equipment designed and developed from the perspective of customers." Cheng Hua, general manager of Beijing Sany Heavy machinery marketing company, said. The second generation of piling machinery is not a simple accumulation of improvement points, but also a breakthrough in efficiency and quality. It has the fastest hole forming speed, the strongest rock entry ability, the most complete construction method, the widest construction range and the highest reliable performance. The summary of "five most" shows its excellence in pursuing efficient operation

the launch of the second generation of piling machinery has realized the transposition from the manufacturer led to the customer demand led, realized the new attempt from popularization to personalization and humanization, and demonstrated the new development process of China's piling machinery industry

highlight the industry responsibility of enterprises in leading the industry development. Sany knows this. Because there are leaders, there are followers, there are new investment and research, and there is the technical accumulation and new development of China's pile machinery industry

today, Beijing pile machine has become one of the largest pile machine manufacturers in the world. In the future, Sany will strive to lead China's pile industry away from the world's pile industry

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