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Sany pumping business unit - value marketing nurtures hard core customers Sany pumping business unit - value marketing nurtures hard core customers Guide: Jiangsu Sany Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in February, 2011. As an agent of Sany pumping business unit, although young, they have made it more difficult to make progress in the concrete industry this year through value marketing, Just created a new way. Before October this year

the three temperature controllers of Jiangsu Sany project control three groups of heating wire equipment respectively. The company was established in February, 2011. As an agent of Sany pumping business department, although young, they just created a new path through value marketing under the market situation of "seeking progress in difficulties and making progress more difficult" in the concrete industry this year

before October this year, when Jiangsu Sany marketing department carried out marketing work, most of them communicated with customers in the form of product promotion meetings and mobilized their enthusiasm. But after a lot of practice, they found that customers did not get substantial benefits

an employee of Jiangsu 311 said frankly that when the market competition became more and more fierce, some promotion meetings not only wasted customers' time, but also had to spend a lot of energy to prepare "formal things". The gains outweighed the losses

dengfuyi, chairman of Jiangsu Sany, after learning about this situation, believes that on the surface, this is a bottleneck for the conventional marketing form. In fact, this is an old marketing concept that does not adapt to the new market situation. When the market is good, the customer demand is very strong, and the product promotion meeting can certainly "add icing on the cake". However, once the market situation deteriorates, customers need "hard" achievements and improvements

at this time, dengfuyi boldly put forward the strategy of "value marketing". This move changed the conventional form of the product promotion conference, but selected excellent customers in various regions, combined with the surrounding cases, and talked about "fine management" and "standardized operation". These lectures are deeply interactive and fit the actual operation of customers. Once customers go back, they often need them. The tangible effect makes the customer taste the sweetness

in the past, some customers who purchased Sany mixing plant did not know how to deal with the residual sand and gravel in the site. The residual sand and gravel produced during loading or transportation not only wastes resources, but also destroys the environment. However, in the experience sharing activity organized by dengfuyi, we saw an advanced case that they did this: they asked a worker who took care of the site to clean up the residual materials if oil leakage was found, and then the Company repurchased and reused them at a certain price. In this way, the worker not only increased his income and high enthusiasm, but also the company further saved costs and protected the environment

"Jiangsu Sany's' value marketing 'has many contents and broad meanings. However, our current marketing has not only stayed at the level of maintaining customer relations, but also tried to help customers create value and cultivate our hard core customers, so as to achieve a win-win situation." Jiangsu Sany market is currently focusing on the implementation of the "going out" strategy, Zhang Hua, minister, told. (Liu Hui)

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