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Sany port machinery sales exceeded 1billion yuan to achieve leapfrog development

Sany port machinery sales exceeded 1billion yuan to achieve leapfrog development

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Guide: on December 12, the 2013 Sany port machinery annual summit was held in Changsha industrial city. The company's H8 container front crane, H8 container empty container stacker, and hybrid Empty Container Stacker also exhibited their charm. At this annual summit, tangxiuguo, President of Sany group, introduced that according to

on December 12, 2013, the annual Sany port machinery summit was held in Changsha industrial city. The company's H8 container front crane, H8 Empty Container Stacker and hybrid empty container 318 indoor thermal environment stacker also exhibited their style. At this annual summit, tangxiuguo, President of Sany group, introduced that relying on Sany group's strong industrial influence and brand advantages, Sany port machinery sales have exceeded 1billion yuan, and all aspects of operation have also achieved leapfrog development

jointly developed by China and Germany, several H8 Hong Kong Machinery new products with superior performance were signed for sale on the spot.

"the H-series products have eight excellent performances, which can be described as a sword sharpened in ten years. Their strong appearance has opened a new era in which the performance of Sany Hong Kong machinery products has been greatly improved, and officially announced the comprehensive surpassing of European and American brands." At the new product launch, Li Zhongyin, chairman of Sany Hong Kong Machinery Co., Ltd., spoke loudly

lizhongyin told us that although Sany port's related products now have an absolute advantage in the domestic market, they have not achieved an absolute advantage in product performance. "How to catch up and become an industry leader" has become the direction of Sany port's efforts. BOC Li is well aware that it is impossible to surpass European and American brands without excellent quality and performance

"breakthrough, we must breakthrough." Lizhongyin, chairman of Sany Hong Kong Machinery Co., Ltd., said, "in the final analysis, the continuous introduction of highly competitive products is the core magic weapon for an enterprise to remain invincible for a long time and win respect from the market."

on December 12, 2012, under the guidance of Tang Xiuguo, Peng Guo, general manager of the Hong Kong Machinery Division, established a military order: "in 2013, the front crane must achieve a qualitative leap and become the industry leader", and put forward the guiding ideology of "controlling costs and making a qualitative leap"

energy saving, high efficiency, safety, high intelligence, high comfort, high maintainability, high return and high reliability, these eight "H" are the goals of the Hong Kong Machinery people when developing series products from the beginning, which is the reason why the series products are named H8

in order to achieve the goal, Sany Hong Kong Machinery Co., Ltd. organized the establishment of a Sino German joint R & D team and began a difficult exploration: Peng Guocheng often tackled key problems in the Research Institute and production site until the early morning. "He even dreamed that he would strengthen the implementation of the" one country, two systems "policy and the basic law. He was thinking about technological innovation, and his heart was like a small engine, full of passion"; Lichuiying, the research director, often discussed a problem with the team members repeatedly. The German expert group was meticulous and meticulous. The German engineers moved thousands of miles to Changsha to participate in various equipment commissioning...

200 days and nights later, the project team passed more than 10 energy-saving measures, and the product energy saving reached 25%-30%, far exceeding the design goal of 15%. So far, the H8 front crane has become the most energy-saving front crane in the industry

at the press conference, H8 products received extensive attention and became the focus of customers' attention. During the signing process, many customers signed purchase agreements on the spot and expressed strong purchase intention with Huang group, Tianjin port, Shanghai port and other large port companies. Mr. Wang, an old customer from Guangdong, said that he had been using Sany's equipment, the use of the products had been very stable, and the service had been meticulous. After seeing the new generation of products, he was shocked and planned to purchase for trial use

substitute for import, leading the industry for four consecutive years in terms of domestic market share.

high quality Sany port machinery products have also occupied the market heights in one fell swoop. "Since 2009, Sany frontal crane and stacker have ranked first in the domestic market share for four consecutive years." At the summit, tangxiuguo revealed that despite the remarkable achievements, Sany port did not stop moving forward, but continued to "open up territory" with more and more courage

it is understood that at present, Sany Port Machinery Co., Ltd. has two production bases in Changsha and Zhuhai, and has applied for more than 300 national patents. Its products cover three business segments: port machinery, engineering ships and marine engineering equipment, involving 16 categories and more than 150 specifications, including frontal cranes, Stackers, heavy forks, dump trucks, shore bridges, yard bridges, gate seats, overhead cranes and concrete mixing ships. It has become the largest tonnage and most complete series of domestic products A supplier of complete sets of port machinery with the most advanced technology

in 2005, the Chinese port market was still full of European and American brands such as Kalmar and Linde. No domestic enterprise entered the frontal crane market. As the first enterprise to eat crab in China, Sany port machinery experienced a difficult process from scratch and from existence to excellence in the field of port machinery

in 2008, Sany Hong Kong Machinery Co., Ltd. achieved sales of 340million yuan, winning more than 30% of the domestic market share at one stroke, and its market share jumped to the second place. In 2011, Sany Hong Kong Machinery Co., Ltd. achieved a sales revenue of 1.005 billion yuan, and the domestic market share of front crane and stacker crane reached 63.8% and 60.8% respectively, completely reversing the pattern after the completion of the 4.7 experiment of foreign brand independence

"of course, we don't mean to drive European and American brands out of China, but to form a coordinated development model in the industry, and create more additional value for customers with innovative technologies." The voice of BOC Li won bursts of applause. (Li Bo, ouyangliu)

tangxiuguo, President of Sany group, delivered a speech at the summit

Sany H8 was hung with a heroic face

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