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Sany: another year of jubilation rabbit Ji 2011

Guide: on February 9, the long Spring Festival holiday just ended, and sany people returned to Sany family from their small homes. On the first day of construction, the employees returned to their posts, turned the joy of reunion into passion for the cause, and summoned up their energy to realize the new blueprint. In the past year, with the joint efforts of all employees

On February 9, just after the long Spring Festival holiday, Sany people returned to Sany's big family from their small homes. On the first day of construction, the employees returned to their posts, turned the joy of reunion into passion for the cause, and summoned up their energy to realize the new blueprint. In the past year, with the joint efforts of all employees, the company successfully achieved the sales target of 50billion yuan. Facing the new year and the new sales target of the company in 2011, Sany people were busy again...

looking forward to

on February 8, the commencement ceremony began in the breeze and warm sun. The exuberant spring spirit makes everyone's mood soft. After a happy Spring Festival, although the post holiday syndrome still exists, today we have all started to clean up our mood and conceive a new "one year plan"

in front of the administrative building, there were a large number of colleagues, who either lined up or formed a circle in twos and threes. Seeing those who know or don't know, they all burst into bright smiles and shouted "Happy New Year". Some rushed directly to give them a big hug. The scene was warm

under the Flying Banner of Sany, leaders spoke New Year's greetings one after another, looking forward to the bright future of 2011. Mr. huangjianlong, vice president of Sany group, who was "left behind" for the new year, told a funny joke that there was nothing to do this Spring Festival, and the plant was safe and peaceful...

at 3:18 p.m., fireworks and firecrackers rang out. The noise of firecrackers officially announced the start of the new year. The colleagues crowded in front of the floor glass window to see that the high melt strength of these polymers can achieve higher membrane stability and improve the output. In the distance, they saw that the new building behind the administrative building has been completed. The building to be listed as the "Party committee building" is beautiful and full of reverie against the green grass. Some colleagues began to clean up their desks and prepare to move to a new place for work. A new environment is another start

some people talked about the work to be started soon. There were some uneasy words, but more of them were the excitement of facing challenges and expectations for the new year. The traditional program "Sany Festival", known as the "31 Spring Festival Gala", was advanced to February 19, leaving only more than ten days to prepare. The news caught everyone off guard. The heartstrings suddenly tightened, the brain accelerated, and the action immediately became agile. "Fix it!" In front of the wisdom and confidence of the team, all difficulties are floating clouds. (both Baiyan and Baiyan need high-performance plastics)

focus on

although China is still permeated with a festive atmosphere, the engineers of the R & D building have not brought their relaxation during the Spring Festival to their work. On February 9, the first day of construction, everyone gathered up the mood of entertainment for more than a week and devoted themselves to the intense research and development work

zhuningwei is a graduate student who graduated in 2010. In the middle of last year, he joined the main engine Institute of mixing equipment research institute and became a mechanical engineer. At the beginning of the new year, he had taken off his new student's coat and began to undertake the design work. On the first day of the new year, he independently designed the foundation drawing of the mixing plant for the first time. Hunan tantiehui mixing plant is a HZS180 product. Today, zhuningwei will draw the basic drawing of this product according to the customer's requirements

compared with zhuningwei, lijizhi of the standard data Institute is much more sophisticated. Li Gong is a data engineer with many years of work experience. He is a "master" in product data, image production and textbook typesetting related to the mixing plant. I saw him operate the mouse at random for several times. After five small colored balls with "high efficiency, energy saving, comfort, safety and durability" were surrounded together for several times, a big ball with "excellence" was synthesized, and then the big ball turned into an "e" again. After finishing the animation, Mr. Li sorted out the materials prepared for the new product one machine and one volume. He said that although the new product is still under development, he should do the relevant work in advance, summarize the past successful experience and shortcomings, refine the improvement methods and ideas, and prepare for the materials of the new product

when most of the colleagues in the mixing equipment research institute, such as zhuningwei and lijizhi, work quietly, the conference room 6 in the R & D building is much more lively. The scheme of corrugated sideband of mixing plant is under review here. On the projection screen, the drawings of the belt corrugated sideband were displayed. The engineers participating in the review carefully examined them and put forward their own opinions. In view of the difference in the length of corrugated sideband between HZS120 and HZS180 mixing plants, President jiangzhihui proposed that modular design should be considered; In order to facilitate the maintenance of the belt motor, an engineer proposed that the placement position of the belt motor should be changed

in recent years, the sales volume of the mixing plant has only increased, and the R & D task has become more and more tense. Although I was nervous and busy on my first day at work, my colleagues felt more enriched and excited, because with the joint efforts of everyone, the mixing equipment has embarked on a new journey and strived towards a higher and better goal. (hefuna)


today is the first day of work. Early in the morning, the comprehensive office building of Beijing pile driver is filled with a festive and peaceful atmosphere. The colleagues who have just finished the Spring Festival cannot go to work without mutual greetings and congratulations on the first day of the new year. The words "Happy New Year" warmed everyone's hearts and drove away the chilly wind in early spring

however, the human resources headquarters of Beijing piling machine in the whole office building is somewhat different. Instead of paying New Year's greetings to each other, they immediately enter a tense working state. "We finished yesterday morning!" They laughed and said

it is learned that in order to make preparations for the first day of the new year, most employees of the human resources department returned to the company on the morning of February 8 and began to be busy. "The regular recruitment work of the company has officially started today, and we have to prepare to participate in the large-scale spring recruitment fair held at the Beijing International Exhibition on February 12 and 13. Therefore, the task is relatively heavy, and the colleagues came back in advance." After zhuxiaofeng, the recruitment director, introduced to the interview area in the hall on the first floor, anjianeng company released two low-density sprayed foam insulation products - anjianeng classic extreme series and anjianeng classic optimization series, and organized the interview. It is reported that the preparations for the large-scale recruitment fair of this year's China International Exhibition were basically completed before the information reporting holiday of the steel union. At present, the final confirmation of each work is under way. The annual "spring Recruitment" is also an important link in the introduction of talents for Beijing pile driving machine. At that time, the first-class leaders of all departments will also go to the recruitment site to interview the candidates

at the staircase entrance of the hall on the first floor, I met Wang Jiannan, a personnel specialist in charge of attendance. She introduced that she returned to the company on the morning of February 8 because she had to prepare for the attendance work of the commencement ceremony on the afternoon of February 8. However, due to lack of manpower, other colleagues of the department took part in the battle and returned to the company to complete the attendance statistics after the commencement ceremony. "Yesterday, my colleagues were helping me with my attendance till very late, which really moved me."

during the visit, all the colleagues in the HR department were busy. Before leaving, Nana, the HR specialist, was answering the company's policies to a group of new colleagues who had just passed the interview. For the employees of Beijing Pile Driving Machinery Co., Ltd., the human resources headquarters is the first department that everyone comes into contact with. Every employee has to deal with human resources colleagues from the beginning of applying for a job. There are a group of young people full of passion and dreams here. I believe that in the new year, all colleagues of the human resources department will use their enthusiasm to infect everyone around them. (wangzeming)

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