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When Sany port machinery came, the president of Maldives said that the price should be reduced

Sany port would inevitably have some large and small fault machines. The president of Maldives said that the price should be reduced

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2016, the Maldivian government purchased 12 port machinery equipment from Sany. Since it was put into use, the customs clearance problem of male port, the only port in the country, has been greatly alleviated, and the freight and customs clearance agency fee of male route have been reduced. When visiting male port, Maldivian president Yamin smiled and said to businessmen, "there is no reason not to reduce prices." Subsequently, Sany port machinery equipment and the president's words appeared on the cover of the Maldivian national magazine BusinessWeek

The president of Maldives said that prices should be lowered. Maldives has always been praised as a "paradise on earth", but at the same time, high prices have also plagued the country. The reason is that the country's territory is narrow and clean (it's best to clean after each experiment); Small, materials depend on imports. The only port in the country, male port, has only one berth and only two front cranes that have been used for ten years. It takes 16 days for containers to arrive at the port and clear customs. Merchant ships not only have to stay in port for several days, but also have to pay late fees. Therefore, the freight and customs clearance agency fees of the male route have been high, and these fees are considered to be an important reason for the high prices

the CEO of Maldives port authority once said: "It takes days from Dubai, Saudi Arabia, to Colombo, Sri Lanka, with a freight of US $500; it takes only 24 hours from Colombo, Sri Lanka, to male, Maldives, but it requires us $freight, which is a problem that the Maldives have been facing.

in November last year, the Maldivian government, after multi-party research and investigation, purchased 12 port machinery equipment from Sany and put them into use in male port. The arrival of Sany port machinery has significantly increased the maximum amplitude of 33 and upgraded the port Cargo handling and shipping capacity of the port. At present, the waiting time for each ship is no more than 3 days. Containers can be unloaded within 18 hours on average. The daily container handling capacity has risen from 130 to 250. The settlement of the customs clearance problem also reduced the freight and service charges of the male route. BusinessWeek commented that no small-diameter monofilament (0.25mm) requires an air cooling distance of mm. It is expected that male port can achieve such rapid development in such a short time. With the settlement of the customs clearance problem at the port, people are expected to usher in more reasonable prices

it is understood that at present, more than 50 Sany equipment have participated in the infrastructure construction of Maldives. Sany equipment can be seen in the construction of airports, roads, bridges and ports. Sany will provide high-quality services for Maldives by using its global marketing service points. (this article is from Sany group)

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