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The State Forestry Administration recently issued a circular on the victory of Chongqing forest pest control and quarantine station in the case of Chongqing motorcycle wooden packaging administrative litigation, requiring all localities to seriously study the practices of Chongqing forest defense and quarantine institutions at all levels in administering according to law and daring to enforce the law, and effectively strengthen forest plant quarantine, In practice, we will continue to improve the quality and level of quarantine and law enforcement work, and promote the prevention and control of forestry pests to a new level according to the different needs of customers

Recently, Chongqing fifth intermediate people's court made a final judgment on the first administrative litigation case of pine wood packaging in Chongqing, and Chongqing forest pest control and quarantine station won the case. This newspaper reported the case in detail on June 27

the State Forestry Administration said in its notice that the victory of the case is a great affirmation of the forest plant quarantine work in Chongqing, It once again shows that Chongqing forest defense and quarantine institutions at all levels strictly investigate illegal transportation. "The results achieved by pine wood packaging materials in this utilization have made a positive contribution to preventing the invasion of pests. (Liu Nawei)

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