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Foreign funded coating enterprises seize the Chinese coating market

foreign funded coating enterprises seize the Chinese coating market

June 7, 2007

[China coating information] with the accelerating pace of life, they have played an indispensable role in people's daily life. According to relevant statistical data, China's annual output is 1. 5% The error of hydraulic system has reached 170million, and its market scale is still expanding. With the diversification, personalization, humanization, health and functionality of market demand, shell decoration has become a major selling point, and the role of coating in shell has gradually been paid attention to

all production enterprises, especially famous brand product enterprises, are scrambling to launch new models coated with shell paint

it is reported that the current new coating technologies are:

shell antibacterial coating: since July 2004, TCL has introduced UV environmental friendly antibacterial coating imported from Japan. The coating can kill and inhibit the growth of harmful microorganisms such as Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli on the surface, and can always keep the surface clean and hygienic

keyboard photocatalyst coating: BenQ recently launched an antibacterial s680c. The surface of the keyboard is coated with a layer of uniform nano photocatalyst coating, which can strongly kill a variety of harmful bacteria attached to its surface, decompose volatile toxic gases, and reduce the contact path of bacteria, just like adding a protective film to the keyboard

skylight reflective paint: cece2800 hidden mirror dragon of CEC China Power Group is covered with a layer of reflective paint at the skylight, so that ladies who love beauty can use it as a good small mirror in standby mode

shell rubber paint: g007 newly launched by Lenovo Group uses high-tech rubber paint as the material of the shell. Due to the special molecular structure of this rubber paint, it not only gives the product a unique frosted soft and comfortable feel, but also greatly enhances the wear resistance and scratch resistance of the product

metallic piano paint: Konka's kc66 uses a strong metallic piano paint process to treat the surface of its shell, so we can see that kc66 is silvery. The design prototype of Panasonic X series product X400 comes from the piano keys, and the whole is a combination of black and white. The black part of the shell is piano paint, mysterious and generous

metal UV paint: Xiaxin a8+ is another high-end new product launched by Xiaxin after its popular product A8. The conical metal ring on the panel is like a surfboard cruising on the crest of waves in the blue sea. Against the backdrop of silver and gray, white and blue, supplemented by super first-class metal UV paint, the more elegant the solution is below

baking paint: the sanding texture baking paint used in the shell of Sony Ericsson 3G Z1010 can maintain the feeling of high-end and dignity. The plastic body of Mitsubishi M750 is also treated with baking paint, which makes it feel good

in recent years, the main development trends of coating technology are: high-end electromagnetic shielding technology, luminous display technology and antibacterial technology

electromagnetic shielding technology

around the theme of "radiation is harmful to human body", coating technology R & D personnel and production enterprises vigorously develop coating products that can reduce electromagnetic radiation, and carry out scientific and technological research as the core technology of developing new varieties

China is the first country in the world to develop nanoscale "electromagnetic shielding materials" for use in the world. The environmental friendly nano conductive coating successfully developed by the Institute of physical and chemical technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Compared with the current micron products, the metal particle size used in the new material is small, which can achieve high fidelity and high clarity of the signal, improve the signal anti-interference ability, and greatly reduce the electromagnetic wave radiation. It is reported that the use of nano materials can reduce the resistance of electromagnetic shielding materials by two thirds and the cost by one fifth, and solve the problem of pipe blockage in the coating process. French Mapu company has also developed electromagnetic shielding coating with world advanced level, which has been widely used in other fields

luminescent display technology

with the reduction of volume, the realization of ultra-thin thickness has become an important technical index. In the past, LCD technology needs backlight lighting, which consumes electric energy, has narrow vision and slow response speed. Using luminescent coating technology can solve this problem well

Seiko Epson successfully developed organic EL (organic EL) luminescence technology. The feature of this product is that after the luminous coating is coated on the substrate, it emits light after applying voltage. The main technical difficulty lies in making the luminous coating uniform with the expansion of the area. The company has successfully solved the technical problem by taking advantage of its technical advantages. At present, this technology product has been widely used in and small displays

Taiwan Yongguang chemical industry company has developed a nano chemical coating. After coating it on the surface, the power light on the button will be on only when it is gently touched, and the brightness can be increased and decreased according to the strength of finger pressure, so as to achieve the purpose of saving power

antibacterial technology

as a very close contact product in people's daily life, it is close to the face and mouth when used. Some common bacteria (such as Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus) are very easy to be introduced into the human body, causing harm to health. Therefore, coating technology with antibacterial function came into being

for example, spraying a layer of nano photocatalyst paint on the surface of the keyboard can kill a variety of harmful bacteria attached to its surface, decompose volatile toxic gases, and reduce the contact path of bacteria

tcl's antibacterial coating is developed according to the antibacterial material standard formulated by Japan Food Analysis Center. According to the analysis and detection of the national microbial analysis and testing center, the 24-hour coating sterilization rate reached more than 99.99% in the samples sent by TCL for inspection. In addition, the UV environment-friendly antibacterial coating adopted by TCL has been proved by safety tests to be harmless to human contact and can remain valid for more than two years

in addition, the wear resistance of surface coatings is the biggest headache of current coating technology. Developing coatings with higher wear resistance times is also the main direction of tackling key problems in the future and the trend of technological development

coating is a coating product developed in recent years, with large market demand and high technical requirements, but few manufacturers specializing in the production of coatings in mainland China. Most of the coatings are imported from Japanese and Korean aluminum alloy tensile machines, which can be used for material stretching, tightening, bending, peeling, puncture and other experiments within 5000n. The coatings generally include shell coating, lens coating, primer for key electroplating, finish paint for key electroplating, etc. The coatings in China are mainly UV curing coatings

the scientific research project "research and development and industrialization of common technologies in coating industry" completed by Huayang Group Technology Center in 2004 was identified by the expert identification group by taking down an eyepiece. Experts believe that this technology is at the leading level in China and fills the gap in this field in China

the electromagnetic shielding coating developed by French Mapu company entered China in June, 2004, and has begun to cooperate with Dalian jinshishan Chemical Co., Ltd. in the production of this coating product. In August, 2004, Swedish enterprise Berg industrial coatings (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. invested and built a production line in Guangzhou, mainly providing shell paint coatings for the famous brand Nokia, with an investment of 10million Hong Kong dollars

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