Analysis of aluminum used in the hottest packaging

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Analysis of aluminum used in packaging industry

without much control, aluminum used in packaging industry is mainly aluminum foil and aluminum can cover, which is an important part of metal packaging. According to preliminary statistics, the packaging industry accounts for 21% of the consumption of aluminum processing materials

metal packaging is an important part of China's packaging industry, and its output value accounts for about 10% of the output value of the packaging industry, mainly providing packaging services for food, cans, beverages, fats, chemicals, drugs, cosmetics and other industries. From the late 1980s to the mid-1990s, metal containers flourished. In recent years, with the development of technology and the strengthening of industry management, the market order has been further improved, and will gradually enter a stable and orderly period of benign development

in terms of per capita consumption, China's metal packaging market has great potential. At present, about 410billion metal cans are produced in the world every year, including 320billion beverage cans, 75billion food cans and 10billion spray cans; The annual sales of beverage cans and food cans in Europe are 33billion and 27billion respectively; The growth rates of Asian beverage cans and food cans in the past 10 years are: 250% for two pieces of beverage cans, 63% for three pieces of beverage cans and 71% for food cans; The annual consumption of beverage cans in China is 11billion (7billion two-piece cans and 4billion three-piece cans with all machines not working normally), and the per capita consumption is less than 8 cans, while the annual consumption in Japan is 18billion cans and that in South Korea is 3.2 billion cans. If China's annual per capita consumption is increased to 10 cans, there will be 13billion cans of supply capacity every year. In addition, the consumption level of canned food in China is low, and the per capita annual consumption of plastic bottles is usually less than 1.5 kg made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET), while the per capita consumption level of canned food in Europe is 50 kg. At present, there is a trend of supply exceeding demand in China's metal packaging market, but from the analysis of per capita consumption, there is still a large space for development in China


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