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Forestry paper integration run-up new rural construction

How can enterprises play a role in the new rural construction? Li Jianhua, deputy to the ninth and Tenth National People's Congress and chairman of Huatai Group, said: as an enterprise, the first thing is to run it better, increase employment, create more wealth and pay more taxes; The second is to improve the first batch of new materials by using the insurance compensation mechanism to develop the industry and drive farmers to get rich at the same time, so as to promote farmers' income

the high-energy ion beam 3D intelligent spray welding equipment and cermet products of Zhongwu Hongyu, a holding subsidiary of Li Jianhua, which has been dealing with papermaking for more than 30 years, have been implemented and utilized in batches. The representative said: "China's paper industry has great market potential, and the integration of forestry and paper can organically combine papermaking, forestry and agriculture, forming a good pattern of industry feeding agriculture, industry and agriculture complementing each other, and private enterprises win-win."

in recent years, Huatai Group has vigorously developed circular economy and built a green ecological paper industry in accordance with the requirements of the scientific concept of development. In combination with the actual situation of its own enterprises and in accordance with the national industrial policy, while successively eliminating straw pulp, taking advantage of the rich beach resources in the Yellow River Estuary, actively implement the forest pulp paper integration strategy, and build 600000 mu of fast-growing forest and 700000 mu of reed paper raw material base according to the production mode of "company + base + farmers". Last year, Huatai Group has built the world's largest 1.2 million tons of environmentally friendly paper production base. While achieving rapid, steady and healthy development, enterprises have placed more than 8000 rural labor forces, created more than 20000 jobs, indirectly driven 100000 people to become rich, and made great contributions to the construction of a new socialist countryside

Li Jianhua made a rough calculation: the five-year global medical plastic market value of fast-growing forest will reach 6.9 billion US dollars by 2020. 15 cubic meters of wood will grow per mu, 800 yuan per square meter of wood, and the average annual income of forest farmers per mu is more than 2000 yuan. At present, nearly 600000 mu of fast-growing forests are planted in the city, which not only solves the source of papermaking raw materials, but also drives farmers to increase their income and get rich. At the same time, it also accelerates the structural adjustment of local agricultural industrialization, optimizes the ecological environment, and realizes the win-win situation of economic, social and environmental benefits, laying a solid foundation for helping the construction of a new socialist countryside and promoting the adjustment of agricultural industrial structure

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