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Analysis of anti-counterfeiting technology of cigarette labels

since February 1996, Yuxi cigarette factory of Yunnan Yuxi Hongta Tobacco Group took the lead in promoting Hongtashan anti oil cigarette labels in China's tobacco industry (that is, each cigarette label contains a special fiber that is very easy to distinguish), various cigarette manufacturers in China have adopted various high-tech anti-counterfeiting science and technology to make cigarette labels, in order to prevent individual criminals from counterfeiting and protect the rights of consumers. According to the author's preliminary statistics, at present, all cigarette manufacturers generally use modern high-tech anti-counterfeiting science and technology to design and print cigarette labels, such as watermark anti-counterfeiting, laser laser discoloration anti-counterfeiting (also known as information anti-counterfeiting), laser code anti-counterfeiting, fluorescent ink anti-counterfeiting, temperature anti-counterfeiting, luminous anti-counterfeiting, fluorescent fiber wire anti-counterfeiting, etc. And most of them are used for hard flip cigarette labels

there are two types of laser color changing anti-counterfeiting (information anti-counterfeiting) cigarette labels

one belongs to the laser holographic type. This type of cigarette label will produce different color effects by observing the pattern from different angles, such as the welcoming cigarette label of Wuhu cigarette factory, the Phoenix cigarette label of Laifeng cigarette factory, the Wanyan cigarette label of Hefei Cigarette, the wurongwang cigarette label of Changde cigarette factory, the Bian Yandangshan cigarette label of bojuan cigarette factory and other information anti-counterfeiting cigarettes

the second type belongs to three-dimensional stealth technology. Under moderate light, this kind of cigarette label will reflect a variety of patterns at its level. For example, Kunming cigarette factory has two kinds of cigarette information anti-counterfeiting cigarette labels, one of which can show two levels of patterns of Yunyan and Yun Yan, and the other one is a Yunyan at first glance, and then there are five patterns marked with the word Yunyan. The Jinsha information anti-counterfeiting cigarette label of Changsha cigarette factory can show the patterns of "Jinsha" and a pair of cranes and running script "Jinsha" in sufficient light. Another example is Kunming Cigarette Factory's New Century Blue Shield Fire heavy nine cigarette label. Its front pattern shield and 9.9 adopt laser anti-counterfeiting technology, and use three-dimensional effect to rotate up and down in two channels to show the dynamic patterns of 9.9 and heavy nine in different levels. Guiyang cigarette factory newly developed the frosted boutique Huangguoshu anti-counterfeiting cigarette label in 1999, which has a special mosaic effect and is more effective in anti-counterfeiting. The three-dimensional laser image of the label takes Huangguoshu waterfall as the background, with triple anti-counterfeiting, coupled with the group logo. Through the reflection of different light sources, it can be seen that the special technology makes the tree layers richer and more delicate, and the double three-dimensional picture of waterfalls and trees. After careful observation, it can be seen that clear Chinese and surrounding micro carved English letters are visible. Laser code anti-counterfeiting technology uses the world's advanced anti-counterfeiting technology and equipment to set anti-counterfeiting signs or specific numbers at specific positions of the box label. Its characteristics are that the pattern or numbers are clear, there is no convex and concave feeling when touching, and the ink is not easy to erase. For example, the Huangshan series cigarette labels of Bengbu cigarette factory are sprayed with a ski like pattern at the bottom of the cigarette labels. The Jinsong cigarette label, Huangshan series cigarette label and Hongqiqu cigarette label of Anyang cigarette factory of the factory adopt code shooting digital anti-counterfeiting technology. Take the Hongqiqu cigarette label as an example, Anyang cigarette factory began to use this advanced laser code technology in the Hongqiqu box label and bar label in December 1999. At present, most steel mills are cautious about the purchase of pig iron. The specific code location is to laser 8-digit specific code with a laser code machine at the lower end of the bar code on the side of the box label, and laser 12 digit specific code on the left side of the Hongqiqu big character on the front of the bar label. The first 8 digits of the laser code on the strip mark are the same as the box mark number, and the last digit is the traceable batch code, and the cellophane and the strip mark are laser at the same time. The number of lvhuangshan information digital anti-counterfeiting cigarette label is like the ID card of each pack of cigarettes. If there are many cigarettes with the same anti-counterfeiting number, it must be counterfeit

fluorescent ink anti-counterfeiting printing technology is a method of printing tickets or documents with fluorescent ink to prevent forgery. This fluorescent ink can show the same fluorescence in a certain part of the printed matter under the irradiation of the purple light lamp. After the fluorescence is irradiated by the purple light lamp, the luminous time is short, and the light disappears quickly. After the purple light lamp is turned off, the light disappears immediately. The cigarette labels printed with this anti-counterfeiting technology include the red flag canal cigarette label, the special rare Camellia cigarette label of Kunming Cigarette Factory, and so on. Anyang cigarette factory used this technology on the newly developed hard flip special high-quality red flag canal cigarette label in 1997. If we observe it under the purple light of the money detector, we can see a round of red sun shooting out on the red flag canal. Observing the special treasure Camellia under the purple light of the money detector, we saw a fluorescent bust of a beautiful woman present in front of us. The two red spots on the main picture of the cigarette label turned out to be the beautiful woman's hair. The first letter of the Pinyin of "Camellia" was deformed into a wisp of long hair floating on the chest, and the word "Camellia" was also outlined by fluorescence. Guiyang cigarette factory also adopts this anti-counterfeiting technology for the soft bag and flip xiniuwang cigarette label. Under the irradiation of the purple light of the banknote detector, the doorpost on the xiniuwang cigarette label has stars. "Advanced filtration, the structure in the chip is shown in Figure 1. The mouth cigarette" hides four oval sleeves and four value chains, all of which are verifying the angular pattern of the new generation of liquid phosphite antioxidant of Yadi Fante for improving product performance. However, for cigarette labels printed with fluorescent ink anti-counterfeiting technology, consumers must also be equipped with a money detector, otherwise it is difficult to find their fluorescent patterns with the naked eye or by changing the visual angle: watermark anti-counterfeiting technology is a kind of text with light and dark lines or graphics made by changing the density of pulp fiber in the process of papermaking production. The gold medal Huangguoshu cigarette label of Guiyang cigarette factory adopts this anti-counterfeiting technology. The gold medal pattern has watermark dark lines. The temperature change anti-counterfeiting technology is that when the heat source such as lighter is close to the specific position or pattern text of the cigarette label, its pattern text changes, such as Guiying cigarette label of Chuxiong cigarette factory, xiniuwang cigarette label of Guiyang cigarette factory, etc. Luminous anti-counterfeiting means that you can also see patterns or words in the dark, such as the Gutian cigarette label of Longyan Cigarette Factory, and the torch pattern is still clearly visible under luminous observation. Fluorescent fiber stay wire anti-counterfeiting is an anti-counterfeiting stay wire compounded with 24 fluorescent fibers, which is light blue under normal light, pink under ultraviolet light and has fluorescent reaction. It can be identified by using ordinary fluorescent lamp for banknote detection. Without identification tools, 24 fiber wires can be torn by hand to identify the authenticity. This anti-counterfeiting technology is used in all brand hard flip cigarette labels newly produced by Bengbu cigarette factory. The factory's information fluorescent fiber anti-counterfeiting gold leaf cigarette label is introduced in detail under the title of "special anti-counterfeiting reminder" in the flip. In addition, there are cigarette labels printed with other high-tech technologies, such as the new Shijiazhuang cigarette label of Shijiazhuang cigarette factory, the Guan Gong cigarette label of Dangyang cigarette factory, and the ninth generation of new flip You Three Gorges cigarette label of Three Gorges cigarette factory. Dot shaped rectangular anti-counterfeiting marks are printed on the bottom of the cigarette label or inside the flip. Another example is the latest version of Yunyan cigarette label of Kunming Cigarette Factory, Camellia cigarette label, global cigarette label of Chuncheng cigarette factory, Yuxi cigarette label of Yuxi cigarette factory, Hongtashan cigarette label, Hongmei cigarette label, etc., all of which are printed with numbers consistent with the barcode on the side of the cigarette label in the flip. If we don't observe carefully, it is difficult to find. However, no matter how advanced anti-counterfeiting technology is adopted by various cigarette manufacturers in China to print cigarette labels, tin foil and cigarette rib tipping paper, the arrogance of criminals in counterfeiting and counterfeiting famous cigarettes can still not be curbed. For example, fake Yunyan (the pattern is the hand with thumbs up), fake Yuxi cigarette factory side marked with the year of the tiger, the year of the ox, the year of the rabbit, the year of the pig's best red plum, Hongtashan, Yuxi, Ashima, fake Yuxi cigarette factory to celebrate the return of Macao 20 red plum, 5 red plum, Hongtashan and other cigarette labels

source: Gold anti-counterfeiting

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