The hottest forestry economy has become a pillar i

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Forestry economy has become a pillar industry in Yunnan (3) start the oil pump exhaust: open the oil return valve and the oil delivery valve Turn the power switch, turn on the machine power, display the suggestion screen, and display the test screen after 2 seconds Press the "start" key, start the electromechanical, and the oil pump starts to work. After continuing to work for about 1 minute, close the oil return valve. At this time, it can be found that the lower platen rises slowly. After the lower platen rises for a certain distance, close the oil delivery and go to the consumer factory to exchange the piston and cylinder valves and open the oil return valve. At this time, the lower platen is in the fall. At present, almost all wood, plastic, plastic steel, aluminum alloy and other materials can be seen in the use scene and related fields In protection

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