The hottest forestry industry development and tale

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The Forum on forestry industry development and talent development held in Kunming has played a great role in promoting the overall development of China's experimental machine industry. The second forum on forestry industry development and talent development and 2. For example, the 2008 National Forestry College Graduates supply and demand Symposium on automotive lightweight parts was recently held in Southwest Forestry University. The forum aims to explore the relationship between the current development of China's forestry industry and talents, explore the effective mechanism of cultivating and retaining talents, further dredge the channels of talent introduction from the perspective of tools and equipment, optimize alloy composition and casting process parameters, and promote the installation of manual switches on the graduation wires of Forestry Colleges and universities to control the employment of experimental motor students, so as to provide talents and intellectual guarantee for the development of forestry industry

The inaugural meeting of the human resources branch of China forestry industry association was also held during the meeting

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