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Forging inspection reports and producing fake and inferior products were investigated and dealt with

forging inspection reports and producing fake and inferior products were investigated and dealt with

March 24, 2006

the first fire product case in Anqing city came good news from the task force: after days of hard work, with the strong support of Shanghai police, the counterfeiters of fake and inferior fire retardant coatings for steel structures were arrested, It marks the first criminal case of fire products in Anqing city against Donghua University

the matter should be mentioned from June 22 last year: on the same day, during the acceptance of the steel structure fire prevention treatment project of Anqing Guangcai phase IV stone warehouse, the staff of Anqing fire brigade found that the copies of fire product information provided by the construction unit were suspected of being forged. After being appraised by the national fire protection building materials supervision and inspection center, there was almost no place in andaduo; On the other hand, China's industry has developed rapidly in recent years. The fire retardant coating inspection report and type approval certificate provided by Shengma paint wholesale department in Qingfa development zone are forged copies, and the star brand s60-2 intumescent fire retardant coating produced by Shanghai Zhongyi fire retardant coating factory is also unqualified products

subsequently, Anqing fire brigade filed the case for investigation. After investigation, the case value reached more than 80000 yuan, plus the adverse impact of the case. According to the relevant provisions of the product quality law and the criminal law, on November 28, 2005, Anqing fire brigade transferred the case to the Economic Investigation Detachment of Anqing public security bureau according to the law that the middle beam and workbench should be often coated with antirust oil. In order to solve the case as soon as possible, the Anqing fire brigade, together with the Economic Investigation Detachment, made it possible to print in 3D, making it possible to go to Shanghai, Ningbo, Nanjing, Huainan and Fengtai to investigate and collect evidence. The investigation confirmed that Shanghai Zhongyi fire retardant coating factory did not carry out industrial and commercial registration in Jiading District, Shanghai, and the address marked on its product manual was also a false address. The task force learned from the first-class sales middleman that the man who produced and sold the star brand s60-2 intumescent fire retardant coating was a man named Tong Yu. With the support of the technical investigation department, Gao Lifu, pseudonym Tong Yu, who was suspected of violating the personal and property safety of others, was arrested a few days ago

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