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Zhejiang Lanxi supervision forest fire prevention and extinguishing

release date: Source: Zhejiang Provincial Forestry Bureau

natural resources and planning (Forestry) bureau and Municipal Emergency Management Bureau of Lanxi City, Zhejiang Province are not allowed to use only non maintenance Bureau and municipal testing machine. Why is it easy to bias? A few days ago, the Public Security Bureau set up an inspection team to supervise the forest fire prevention and extinguishing work in towns and streets

the supervision group proposed to strictly regulate the use of fire in the field. Take the management of field fire sources as the key link of forest fire prevention and extinguishing, firmly control the field fire sources, and strictly implement the approval system for forest productive fire use such as mountain refining and afforestation in forest areas. Forest rangers should all be in place without water, acid and other mixtures, and increase the intensity and density of patrol. Temporary fire prevention inspection stations should be set up in key forest areas, tourist attractions and important entrances to exclude fire hazards from the mountains. In strict accordance with the requirements of the emergency plan for forest fire disposal, we should make preparations for the disposal of forest fires in advance, and attack quickly as soon as there is a fire, so as to achieve the goal of "fighting early, fighting small and fighting". In case of forest fire, the leaders of the experimental organ of the opposite party should rush to the scene for command at the first time, scientifically organize and deal with the forest fire fighting work, and strictly ensure the safety of personnel, especially fire fighting team members. Strictly enforce the forest fire prevention on duty discipline, strictly implement the 24-hour leadership on duty system and the information submission system, and ensure the smooth flow of forest fire information

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