The hottest forest industry in Yunnan is gradually

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The forest industry in Yunnan Province has seen a complete scale. It now covers seedlings, economic forest fruits, forest by-products, wood mining, transportation and processing, forest chemicals, further heating up cellulose oxidative decomposition pulp papermaking, wildlife domestication and breeding, and the future development trend of the new material industry is definitely high-end, customized and environmental protection materials, forest tourism and other fields, with more than 160 kinds of production

last year, the total output value of Yunnan's forestry industry reached 10.85 billion yuan, mainly producing logs, sawn timber, wood-based panels, wood flooring, pulp, rosin, turpentine and lac

according to statistics, more than 40 enterprises in Yunnan province plan to build industrial raw material forest bases, and 12.0 plan to invest a total of more than 4 billion yuan this year

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