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Guangxi forestry enterprises invested 1.1 billion to afforest 2million mu

while the wood-based panel industry developed rapidly and the coastal forest pulp paper integration project was progressing smoothly, the construction of raw material forest base for forestry enterprises in Ping autonomous region made new breakthroughs. So far, the ten named and preserved ready to use forest products industrial enterprises in the region have invested a total of 1.1 billion yuan to complete 2.278 million mu of raw material forest bases based on fast-growing eucalyptus and bamboo, with a total investment of about 1.178 billion yuan. It has created a new situation of enterprise afforestation in our region

with the rapid development of the forest products industry in the autonomous region, especially the medium fiber board, flower board, pulp and paper industry, the demand for raw materials has increased, and the price has risen. The decision makers of various production enterprises have clearly realized that under the situation of fierce market competition, whoever has raw materials has the competitive initiative. Therefore, some large-scale forest products enterprises have achieved the goal of "not moving the soldiers, but giving priority to grain and grass". Indonesia Jinguang group, the largest paper industry group in Asia, adheres to the purpose of "afforestation, benefiting nature, pulping and papermaking, and benefiting mankind". Since 1996, it invested in our district and registered Guangxi Jingui Paper Co., Ltd. to start afforestation. So far, it has planted 700000 mu, with 20 forest farms and a large central nursery with an annual output of 150million Eucalyptus clones. As early as 1997 and 1998, the afforestation Institute in Qinzhou city began to harvest and utilize last year, and a total of more than 200000 cubic meters of paper materials were produced. Stora Enso group of Finland, after investing in our district in 2002, registered and established Guangxi Stora Enso Forestry Co., Ltd. in Nanning in October of that year, with an estimated investment of US $150million to build a forest pulp paper integration project in the coastal area of Beihai city. At present, 225000 mu of fast-growing eucalyptus has been afforested to a high standard, and the growth is very gratifying

pulp and paper enterprises are like this. The dynamic load impact and impact pressure experiments of wood-based panel enterprises are the same. While developing MDF, Gaofeng Forest Farm wood-based panel group vigorously develops raw material forest base. In its early years, it proposed the goal of "rebuilding a peak" outside the site. At present, three MDF plants have been built and put into operation in Nanning, Luchuan and Rong counties, with a total annual production capacity of more than 400000 cubic meters, At the same time, 500000 mu of raw material forest base has been completed. Guangxi Fenglin Forestry Development Co., Ltd. is the first foreign-funded enterprise to invest in the construction of MDF plants in our district. At present, it has built two MDF plants in Nanning and Baise, with a production capacity of 300000 cubic meters. Following the sustainable development strategy, the company has started the construction plan of establishing a high-yield forest base since 1999. At present, it has built more than 100000 mu of Eucalyptus high-yield forests within 150 kilometers around Nanning city, A high-tech industrial clonal biological tissue culture plant with an annual output of 1million clonal tissue culture seedlings and 10million clonal cuttings of eucalyptus has also been built, which has laid a good foundation for the sustainable development of the company

pulping and papermaking with bamboo resources has high output and low cost, which is conducive to water and soil conservation. After years of research and testing, the technology of using bamboo fiber to produce pulp board has been mature. Liujiang paper mill, Heda paper company and Huajin paper company have all started the construction of bamboo raw material forest base in the form of farmers + base or contract afforestation. So far, these three enterprises have completed more than 50000 mu of bamboo. At present, these enterprises are preparing for afforestation this spring by summarizing the experience of bamboo base forest in the previous two years, implementing the plan, forest land and seedlings, and striving for a great development this year

with the development of social economy and the continuous improvement of market mechanism, people's ideas have also undergone great changes. In the past, it was believed that forest industry enterprises only use wood, regardless of the era of afforestation has passed. A raw material forest base that builds enterprises by using filler or cement and other cementitious materials is emerging, with the integration of Forest Pulp paper and model. The integration of forestry and chemical industry is developing step by step

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