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Forestry development summoned private-funded tycoons to "plant trees in other places". Recently, with the establishment of one private enterprise after another in the name of "agriculture and forestry", a new tide of private capital flow has quietly sprung up in Dongguan. Dongguan's private capital is advancing towards the forestry in the surrounding areas, including many private tycoons with a fortune of 100 million yuan

private capital found the forestry "new world"

it should be noted that in the calculation of elongation, Huizhou "tianbang agroforestry" established its first branch in Dongguan in mid November. Its head admitted that the reason why it chose to set up a site in Dongguan was to take a fancy to Dongguan's strong private capital and its already shown interest and enthusiasm in investing in forestry. In other words, "tianbang" came to Dongguan to "take" money

another agricultural investment company named "Dongguan Tianyang" has been established as early as July this year and has 14 years of successful experience in China. At present, it has contracted 1.5 million mu of mountains in Boluo, Huiyang and other places in Huizhou, planted more than 100000 mu of fast-growing and high-yield timber forests, and has invested more than 200million yuan. The person in charge of the company said that although the private capital in Dongguan is not as vigorous as the "three supplies and one subsidy" enterprises in those days, the investment of private capital in forestry has indeed formed an upsurge in a small range

planting trees makes a lot of money

it is understood that among the six major national forestry projects, the fast-growing and high-yield timber forest project is one of them. According to the national plan, the construction of fast-growing and high-yield timber forest base is mainly concentrated in the coastal areas to the east of the 400mm isohyet. The whole construction period of the project is from 2001 to 2015, mainly to solve the maintenance of the wood host: the fixtures equipped with the machine should be coated with anti rust oil for storage; Because the jaws of the hydraulic universal testing machine are often used and the supply of forest products is a problem, it will be built into xushengfeng 4. How can the hydraulic universal testing machine measure the maximum bending moment? The timber forest is 13.33 million hectares, which can provide 133.37 million cubic meters of timber every year

it is understood that Dongguan private capital pouring into forestry mostly invested in Boluo, Huidong, Huiyang and other places in Huizhou, as well as some mountainous areas in Maoming and Heyuan. This is because Dongguan itself has few mountains, and in recent years, for the protection of ecological forests, logging is prohibited, while Huizhou, Heyuan and other places have many mountains, good soil quality, and preferential development conditions. Investment is to make profits. Therefore, most of the tree species selected by these companies are Nanyang Ying, eucalyptus and other fast-growing and high-yield timber forests. These tree species grow fast and mature early, and have high economic value

540000 small and medium-sized investors in Guangdong enter forestry

according to the information from the science and technology development center of the State Forestry Administration, at present, all walks of life in China are very enthusiastic about timber forests. 540000 small and medium-sized investors in Guangdong Province have entered forestry, afforestation 1.1 million square meters, accounting for 50% of the province's commercial forests

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