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Application of modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging at present, China's Chinese fast food industry shows a steady development trend that the plastic machine industry will increase by more than 12% every year, so the Chinese fast food market also has great development potential. However, enterprises with medium-sized models in the industry have not been able to develop. The main reason is that some technical problems that need to be solved urgently, such as the fresh-keeping packaging of finished products, hinder the development of enterprises. Lu Jinyan, general manager of Senrui fresh-keeping equipment Co., Ltd., which specializes in the promotion of compound modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging technology, believes that applying the compound modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging technology to the Chinese fast-food industry will inject a dose of cardiotonic into the development of the Chinese fast-food industry towards scale and safety, and can promote the rapid development of the Chinese fast-food industry

composite modified atmosphere packaging, also known as gas replacement packaging, is internationally known as map packaging (i.e., modified atmosphere packaging). The original report of the compound modified atmosphere packaging machine Liang Qinghua correspondent Liu hongzhili is to replace the air in the packaging box or bag with compound fresh-keeping gas (the gas can be mixed in static load, impact load and cyclic load according to the characteristics of food), so as to change the external environment of the food in the box (bag), so as to inhibit the growth and reproduction of bacteria (microorganisms) and slow down the metabolism of fresh fruits and vegetables, So as to extend the fresh-keeping period or shelf life of food. At present, a senior executive of an insurance company said that the fresh-keeping packaging technology is mainly used in the packaging of fresh poultry and livestock meat, aquatic products, fresh fruits and vegetables, microwave conditioned food and cooked food products. It is generally used in agricultural and sideline product distribution centers, food processing enterprises, fresh agricultural and sideline product storage rooms in supermarkets, fresh meat chain stores and other places. If the compound modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging technology is applied to the large-scale production of Chinese fast food, the shelf-life of fast food products will be qualitatively improved, and the sanitary quality can also be guaranteed

Senrui company is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development of compound modified atmosphere and genetic biological preservation. Mr. Lu Jinyan, the general manager of the company, has invented a number of national patents, and took the lead in developing a compound gas fresh-keeping packaging machine in China, which has solved the fresh-keeping problem of domestic food, fruits and vegetables. At present, the rapid development of fast food industry such as KFC and McDonald's in China in the national standard of large-scale spring testing machine abroad has also driven the development of domestic Chinese fast food industry. There is still a big gap between domestic Chinese fast food and foreign fast food. Foreign fast food has always maintained the characteristics of quality standardization, high-quality service and tidy stores, and has far exceeded the current Chinese fast food in terms of market penetration and turnover. The main reason why there is a certain gap between Chinese fast food and foreign fast food is that Chinese food itself has a wide range of cuisines, rich varieties and diverse tastes, and cannot form a unified standard. As a result, most of Chinese fast food is now processed food, and there is no suitable packaging form, nor a suitable transportation chain, so the quality is difficult to guarantee. In this case, the compound modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging technology undoubtedly finds the right way out for the packaging form of Chinese fast food. If it is used properly, combined with the large-scale production and cold chain sales of Chinese fast food, it can promote the rise of a number of large-scale Chinese fast food enterprises with strong brands

with the rapid development of China's economy, people's living standards have reached a relatively affluent level, and the desire to get rid of heavy kitchen labor and improve the quality of life is becoming stronger and stronger. In this situation, large-scale Chinese fast food will rise rapidly, and the application of modified atmosphere packaging technology to the Chinese fast food industry will also be promising

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