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Application of cigarette packaging materials

1 Cigarette transparent packaging material

in order to prevent the cigarette from being affected by moisture and the loss of moisture and aroma, and beautify the appearance of the product, a layer of film is wrapped outside the small cigarette box and strip box, which is called cigarette transparent packaging material. More than 85% of cigarette cases in the world are packed with transparent packaging materials. Transparent cigarette packaging materials have the characteristics of barrier, transparency, heat sealing, mechanical processing and so on

cigarette transparent packaging materials have a history of 50 years. At the beginning, cellophane (cellophane) was the main transparent packaging material for cigarettes. Later, heat sealed biaxial stretched polypropylene film (BOPP film) appeared. Due to its stable size, low moisture and oxygen permeability, high strength and good printing effect, BOPP film can better meet the requirements of high-speed packaging machines. It is the main transparent cigarette packaging material currently used. Domestic 1 Just like the tested experimental machine, the fixture and auxiliary equipment are relatively worn after long-term use. The thickness of BOPP smoke film used at this stage is 18 ~ 22 μ m。

film is an important tool for anti-counterfeiting in addition to moisture-proof, fragrance preservation and product protection. Anti counterfeiting technology can be combined with film, such as anti-counterfeiting ink, comprehensive diffraction technology and special coding. The anti-counterfeiting measures of foreign cigarette factories are generally to use anti-counterfeiting cigarette film, print fixed-point simple patterns with ordinary ink, and position the packaging, so that the cigarette film pattern covers the box cover pattern, so as to achieve the anti-counterfeiting effect. For example, the "C 35" brand cigarettes have not changed the appearance design of the box cover for many years, and do not increase the material cost. Instead, they are anti-counterfeited through the cigarette film, and even adopt the printing of full-scale cigarette label patterns on the cigarette film

technological innovation in the field of film continues, with the emergence of isolation film that separates moisture and fragrance, shrink film that tighter wraps cigarette boxes, anti-counterfeiting film and printing film. For example, UCB film company has developed a new type of shrink tight film, called "Baoluo" shrink tight gltl6 film. This film combines low thickness with controllable shrinkage. Gltl6 is not affected by time. It is tight on the cigarette case, without shrinkage and wrinkles, and has good sealing integrity, which is equivalent to the standard 20 μ M grade film. Gltl6 is resistant to solvents and has good optical effect. It can be used in automatic vending machines

a new cigarette packaging film, called propafilm GLX, developed by British icifilm film company, has a thickness of 16 μ M and 20 μ M two specifications. Among them, glxl6 is 14.7g/m., It is a kind of high-strength and thin film, which can ensure the high-efficiency operation of the machine. Due to the advanced polymer technology, its partition performance is close to 20 μ The level of M film is particularly helpful to adapt to the packaging legislation of European countries. Reducing the weight can reduce the cost of packaging treatment. GL × The machine has high efficiency and effective sealing range, which can meet the requirements of today's high-speed packaging machines. The thickness of glx20 is 20 μ m. 18.2G per square meter

Italian Bimo company has recently launched a BOPP shrink film called llpx, which has high definition and gloss, strong printability, and the thickness has also changed from the original 20 μ M down to 16 μ m。

due to the high demand for reducing production costs and environmental protection in Europe, the thickness of 16 has been widely used in Germany and its neighbors μ m. The film with unchanged barrier performance replaces 20 μ M. As mentioned above, the weight difference of glxl6~fuglxl8 films per square meter is 3.5G. Since the natural degradation of plastic films takes hundreds of years, it can be seen that using thinner films will be one of the effective ways to reduce film pollution

the outsourcing of cigarette case film all over the world has brought broad development space for high-end aluminum enterprises. The market is large, but film companies are still constantly improving their products. In the near future, the tobacco industry will use films that are more advanced, more economical and meet environmental requirements

2. Cigarette trademark paper and trademark printing

cigarette trademark is the symbol added by cigarette manufacturers to cigarette products. The trademark design should not only be beautiful and generous, but also be closely related to product molding and marketing. Now durable, many large enterprises comprehensively consider the design of product trademarks from the height of enterprise strategic decision-making, so as to achieve the best advertising effect. Many cigarette labels have unique designs and distinctive personalities, which play a good role in transmitting product information. Cigarette trademark paper mainly includes offset paper, cast coated paper and white cardboard. The paper is required to be fine and firm, with good inking rate of color printing, soft pleats and corners during packaging without cracking, and color printing without deinking, which can maintain the neat and beautiful appearance of small packages

anti counterfeiting and environmental protection are the focus of cigarette packaging and printing. Cigarette trademark materials mainly include laser holographic transfer paper, anti-counterfeiting laser aluminum cardboard, BOPP laser rainbow cardboard, pet laser rainbow cardboard and aluminum foil composite cardboard. Among them, except that laser holographic transfer paper and anti-counterfeiting laser aluminum paperboard are environmental protection materials, the latter three kinds of paper have poor environmental protection performance because plastic film and aluminum foil cannot be degraded

laser holographic transfer paper is made of holographic plastic film first, and then transferred to the paper. It has the functions of anti-counterfeiting, decoration and environmental protection. Its physical performance is the same as that of ordinary paper, which can be recycled and degraded, and its price is slightly higher than that of ordinary aluminum sprayed gold and silver cardboard. It is a recommended environmental protection product in developed countries. Its comprehensive use effect is good and meets the requirements of industrialized production in the packaging industry

anti counterfeiting laser aluminized paper (card) is a gold and silver card produced by transfer aluminizing technology. Its flatness, smoothness and printing are moderately good, and it is not easy to deink. Then it has anti-counterfeiting function through laser embossing process. Due to the extremely thin aluminum film sprayed, all waste paper can be recycled, so it is internationally recognized as "green packaging"

BOPP laser rainbow paperboard and pet laser rainbow paperboard stick the laser film on the paper with glue. At present, the laser rainbow aluminum coating is mainly imported; The latter two processes are the same as the production process of ordinary composite paperboard. Generally, the non aluminized surface of laser rainbow film is compounded with paper, and the aluminized surface is used as the printing surface. The performance difference between the two kinds of paper is that the tensile strength, paper stiffness, printability and other indicators of BOPP laser rainbow paperboard are not as good as pet laser rainbow paperboard. Because BOPP laser rainbow paperboard is thicker, and its stiffness is not as good as pet laser rainbow paperboard, which is unfavorable to high-speed tobacco packaging machine

cigarette trademark printing mainly includes offset printing, flexo printing, gravure printing and other methods. Among them, gravure printing inks use a large number of low boiling point (high volatility) organic compounds as solvents (solvent components account for 50%), which leads to a large number of harmful exhaust gases in gravure printing production and prominent environmental pollution. Organic compounds (VOC) and polycyclic aromatic solvents (PCA) in offset printing ink solvents will produce organic compound gas pollution, and fountain solution and cleaning agent waste liquid will also cause pollution. At present, low toxic alcohol soluble ink and non-toxic water-based ink are widely used in flexographic printing, so flexographic printing has good environmental protection performance, which should be advocated in cigarette label printing. In addition, white cardboard is used on the strip box and printed on the outer plastic film, which is also very popular abroad. In the future, it should be a trend to use a single white cardboard for the production of cigarette packets and hard boxes in China

3. Card paper

card paper is used in the cigarette hard box packaging to support the cigarette box, commonly known as cigarette tongue. The material is the same as the white card paper used for trademark printing. The most common is that a layer of gold or silver pigment is coated on the surface of the white card paper, which is called gold card or silver card. In addition, aluminum plated cardboard, laser cardboard, holographic cardboard and lamination servo valve should be installed and disassembled in a clean environment

in addition to the general performance of cigarette box packaging, with the improvement of consumers' requirements for cigarette smoking taste, the taste of paperboard must be strictly controlled. No odor, low gram weight, high stiffness, economy and environmental protection are the development trend of paperboard. At present, many foreign cigarette packaging material manufacturers have invested a lot of money and manpower to research and develop thinner paperboard. Developing and producing thinner cigarette packaging materials with single material and stable performance is the key for cigarette packaging to meet the requirements of environmental protection

4. Cigarette lining paper

cigarette lining paper is used in the small box packaging of cigarettes. Its main function is to prevent moisture, fragrance and mildew. The materials include calendered aluminum foil paper, aluminized paper, asphalt moisture-proof paper and general lining paper. The lining material should be soft and easy to fold without cracking

calendered aluminum foil paper is calendered from paper base, adhesive and aluminum foil, which has high barrier and corrosion resistance to light, air and water. When the temperature changes rapidly, the material will not deform. It is a widely used cigarette lining paper at present. Direct aluminized paper is a new technology product that has developed rapidly abroad in recent years. Its advantage is that it has strong metal texture and bright color. It is suitable for the processing of various printing machines, embossing machines and high-speed die-cutting machines. Direct aluminum plating products, with their good environmental protection performance, mature processing equipment and technology, have become popular in the European and American markets in recent 3 to 5 years, and began to enter the domestic market. Direct aluminized paper (mainly imported) has been widely used in the domestic tobacco and alcohol industry. In 2003, vacuum aluminized lining paper also entered the cigarette inner packaging market in China. By 2006, 30% of the inner packaging of cigarette boxes in China will use direct aluminized paper

aluminized lining paper is widely used abroad. For example, British American tobacco company widely uses vacuum aluminized paper as the lining material of its famous cigarette packets. According to statistics, at present, 70% of British cigarettes and 50 German cigarettes use aluminized paper as cigarette lining paper. Foreign countries have done a lot of work in developing new cigarette lining paper. For example, an Indonesian company has introduced a metal plating material to replace the original composite aluminum foil paper, which is coated with 0.04 μ M metal, the thickness is much lower than the traditional calendered aluminum foil paper

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