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Application of CIMS system in complete electrical enterprises

Jilin Longding Electric Co., Ltd. is located in Jilin high tech Industrial Development Zone. It is a large modern enterprise group controlled by the state. Its main products include high and low voltage electrical cabinet series, outdoor box type substation series, 10kV true air circuit breaker series, grounding switch series, bus cable bridge series. In the late 1990s, Longding Electric Co., Ltd. developed at a high speed, It has become one of the largest manufacturers of electrical supporting equipment in Northeast China

the market and production mode of complete electrical production enterprises have the characteristics of small batch of single piece, design and organization of production according to orders, outsourcing procurement of a large number of components and parts, dynamic statistics of procurement volume by the procurement department, and continuous improvement of the universality of self-made parts, and production workshops need to gradually organize production according to standard atlas and production details. When Longding electric company was still in the initial stage of CIMS application in 2001, there were the following problems in management: CAD only played the role of electronic drawing board, and electronic files were stored on each single machine. Without good safety management means, it was difficult to realize sharing; It is difficult to query the borrowing relationship of product data, there are problems of one drawing with multiple numbers and multiple drawings with one number, and the version management of electronic documents is chaotic; The management of the process schedule is relatively weak when it is 600-1500mm. The workshop mainly relies on experience to produce. There are few specific process cards and they are not used to guide production. The circulation of parts depends on the guidance of drawings, and there is no special process route; The design and process departments are disconnected, and the data cannot be shared, which reduces the work efficiency; There are great difficulties in the correct and timely transmission of design information. The processing, procurement and other production departments can no longer use the electronic data generated by the design and process, and can not get the change notice in time; Cost accounting has been relatively vague. Many bidding base prices are evaluated based on experience and cannot be quoted and accounted in time

I. principle of technical solution

according to the specific situation of Longding electric, before the technical solution is determined, the enterprise puts forward the following requirements for project implementation:

1. Cad/capp/pdm/erp must ensure good information integration. The general idea is to adopt a tightly integrated information integration system to centrally manage product data and production data, and to meet the expansion needs of enterprise applications through flexible customization functions

2. CAD selects a unified platform and standardizes the design source. The design department shall unify the application platform to ensure the standardization of CAD design data, and facilitate the management and design of PDM system, and the exchange and utilization of process department data. In addition, some ERP system integration requirements will be expanded on the CAD system in the future

3. CAPP system adopts database level process management system. CAPP must be based on mainstream database to ensure data management and security; At the same time, the system has a basic process database to facilitate the completion of process cards and process reports. The system has good openness and can easily exchange data with pdm/erp system. It can not only make full use of the relevant data of CAD, PDM and ERP, but also provide effective, accurate and high-quality data for subsequent software systems such as ERP

4. PDM system adopts a management system with good integration and scalability. PDM system is a relatively complex product data management system, which realizes the management of existing CAD data and transfers data to CAPP; It can realize the centralized database management of various product design drawings and the automatic generation of various summary reports; PDM system is used to realize drawing change process control, project process monitoring, product configuration, etc., so as to ensure the interface with ERP system and two-way transmission of data with ERP system

5. ERP system should have the characteristics of electrical industry. In addition to requiring ERP system to have good integration with cad/capp/pdm system, it should also be close to the reality of electrical enterprises, and focus on meeting the production characteristics of electrical enterprises such as production according to orders, large outsourcing procurement volume and short production cycle, so as to eliminate bottleneck problems

II. Technical solutions

1. Unified BOM technology. Jilin Longding solution adopts the key technology of "unified BOM". "Unified BOM" is a common data bus for all kinds of business applications. It is closely related to the product structure management module in PDM system, the preparation process card module in CAPP system, and the MRP module in ERP system. To design such a "big BOM", we need to break the data segmentation caused by department boundaries from the organizational structure of the enterprise, and break the data structure of a self-contained portal from the software, so as to realize the "big unification" at the bottom

2. Establish a product data management system. Associate all kinds of documents related to products and parts with products and parts objects, adopt object-oriented data organization, and provide fast and effective information access

3. Establish a product configuration management system

by establishing an xtpdm product configuration management system, the effective integration of design information and production information can be achieved: read the ERP contract construction order information, and establish configuration tasks; The structural details of specific products are generated from the structural configuration of the construction order; Provide the current configured structure list and configuration change list for ERP system

4. Establishment of process route data. Meet the requirements of ERP system for process route data, provide the maintenance of process route data in xtcapp, automatically read the product structure information managed by PDM, read the basic process data information from ERP system (process, workshop team, equipment, so the manufacturer basically does not choose tooling and mold, etc.), extract the part material code and material quota information from PDM system, and transfer the process route data to ERP system

5. Application of ERP system. ERP system implements 14 subsystems, including production, sales, procurement, design and process data management, production operation plan, workshop management, quality control, equipment management, labor resource management, cost accounting, comprehensive information query, etc. at the same time, the system realizes integrated connection with cad/capp/pdm data on the interface, and realizes seamless connection with financial accounting system on the data interface

III. application process description

1. Work task allocation. Some of them are specialized in high-voltage electrical design, while the rest of the technicians are also engaged in electrical design and structural design

2. Change processing. After the designer configures the BOM of the engineering task, the program will transfer the configuration data to the ERP system; However, because designers cannot determine all materials at one time during configuration, there are many submissions or modifications of submitted materials, so the software system is designed with strong flexibility to meet this working mode

3. Centralized processing of work tasks. In actual work, technicians face different contracts and construction orders every day, and the tasks are complicated. The software is required to be able to carry out classified query on construction order tasks, submit review, give review opinions, save as formal, save as temporary (need to be changed) and other regular operations to support batch operations. Through the integrated processing and improvement of the configuration system, the user's time is effectively saved, its work efficiency is improved, and the operator focuses on the task of configuring correct and accurate product data for the engineering contract

4. Connection between engineering configuration tasks and process tasks. The engineering configuration task is released, and the data is transferred to ERP. At the same time, the process personnel need to be informed of the missing process route. After finishing the process route, the ERP production planner can schedule production

5. Implementation scheme of electrical assembly process route. The assembly process route of electrical cabinet must reflect the assembly content of electrical components. In order to transfer details, the concept of virtual graph is adopted. Virtual graph is generated in xtpdm product data management system and product configuration management system, and can be transferred to ERP database

6. Connecting application of ERP system. The sales department applies the sales management subsystem to complete the management of market information, customer information, sales quotation, customer order, sales bill of lading, product shipping/delivery, after-sales service and other sales links. Processing impact provides input, modification, query, statistics, analysis and change processing of relevant data

the purchasing department serving production formulates the purchase plan according to the data transmitted from PDM, tracks the materials in transit, manages the material suppliers and purchase agreements, then carries out the inspection and warehousing of purchased materials, and finally manages the purchase invoices and accounts payable. In practice, the purchasing department will dynamically adjust the purchasing plan by changing the details in real time to ensure that the production is carried out as planned

IV. implementation effect

since the implementation of the whole system, so far, it has achieved very obvious management and economic benefits:

1. Completely get rid of the chaos of the original manual management of drawings and files, and realize the effective management of the relevant data of the main products in the factory

2. Designers can easily query, browse, borrow, report output, inherit and other operations on the original data and drawings when subsequently developing new products and processing customer orders

3. The engineering department applies the xtbom product configuration subsystem, and uses the basic data entered by the development department and the standard electrical scheme library to carry out the engineering configuration and output the construction order according to the different requirements put forward by the customer very efficiently, which greatly shortens the technical preparation time after the customer orders

4. The process department can make full use of all kinds of relevant data of the design department and the production department: automatically submit xtpdm new products, the information of parts requiring new processes, dynamically associate the relevant static basic data of the ERP system, conveniently and quickly carry out the process route and various process cards that have direct guiding significance for production, and accurately count the data of materials and man hour quota; At the same time, the relevant data is dynamically transmitted to the ERP system

5. The production department should use ERP system to arrange timely and accurate purchase plan and production plan; At the same time, cost accounting has been greatly strengthened to achieve the complete consistency between manual accounts and ERP system, which provides a strong guarantee for decision makers to dynamically understand the enterprise situation and make decisions

v. summary

cims system is a complex system engineering and a gradual process. From this project point of view, enterprises and software suppliers should do the following work:

1. CIMS system must ensure good integration

if you want to implement CIMS Engineering well, you must ensure that CAD, CAPP, PDM, ERP systems have good integration. If you have conditions, try to choose this experimental machine according to the national standard gb6095 (85) "safety belt" Gb6096 (8) 5 "safety belt inspection method" designs and manufactures a software supplier. If each subsystem selects multiple software suppliers, it is necessary to ensure the two-way transmission and dynamic update of data between subsystems, so as to truly count one place, share globally and update dynamically

2. Implement the principle of project management

before the implementation of the project, the enterprise should first establish a project team to complete the preliminary investigation of the project and clarify the actual needs of the enterprise; After the project is launched, the enterprise and software suppliers form an implementation team to clarify the objectives, progress and organization and management mode of the project implementation, and jointly promote the implementation of the whole system

3. Overall planning and step-by-step implementation

in order to reduce the risk of system implementation, it is necessary to clarify the overall goal of system implementation on the basis of detailed investigation. During the implementation process, it is divided into detailed phased operational plans, and the system promotion work is carried out in stages according to the principle of from small to large and from easy to difficult, so as to ensure the implementation quality