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A toxic gas leak from a company in Guizhou caused 80 students to be poisoned

more than 80 students in the nearby middle school were poisoned and hospitalized. Has the "poison factory" been shut down?

on June 17, Tongzi County used artificial blood vessels woven with modified new materials, biological composite artificial blood vessels, and new membrane covered blood vessel preparation technology; New artificial heart valve preparation technology; 106 students of Yuantian primary school in Chumi town were poisoned and hospitalized. As for the cause of poisoning, Tongzi official concluded that it was caused by pollutants discharged by nearby Zunbao Titanium Industry Co., Ltd. After the incident, Tongzi official informed the media that Zunbao titanium sodium electrolysis workshop had been ordered to stop production for rectification, and the environmental protection departments of Zunyi City and Tongzi County would continue to track and monitor the surrounding environment. But strangely, on June 22, more than 80 students from Yucai Middle School near Zunbao Titanium Industry Co., Ltd. were blown down by the polluted gas and admitted to the hospital. The poisoned student was treated in the hospital

poisoning again: more than 80 middle school students were smoked down

on June 23, I received the report and rushed to Tongzi for an interview

a teacher at Yucai Middle School, who asked not to be named, said that on June 23, some students in the school experienced dizziness, chest tightness, palpitations, abdominal pain and other symptoms, and some students also had spasms. These symptoms are exactly the symptoms of Yuantian primary school students when they were poisoned a few days ago

in view of this, after the school emergency reported to the Tongzi County Government, the county transferred buses and sent more than 80 students with adverse reactions to Tongzi County Hospital for treatment

it was learned from an interview in Tongzi County hospital that a student named Deng Zifen was seriously poisoned and fell into a coma for many times. He recovered his mind after rescue

according to Deng Zifen, on the night of June 20, the third day after Yuantian primary school students were poisoned, she and her roommates smelled a strange smell in the air when they fell asleep. In order to breathe, they opened the bedroom door that night. The next day, all the students in the dormitory felt dizzy, chest tightness and palpitations. On June 22, more than 80 students of Yucai Middle School, including her, smelled the strange smell again, and their bodies couldn't bear it...

on the first floor of Tongzi County Hospital, a "reception desk for adverse reactions of students in Yuantian primary school" was set up. It is understood that on June 17, after the poisoning incident of Yuantian primary school students occurred, the appearance was fashionable and dynamic. So far, dozens of students have been living in the hospital due to the rebound of their condition

villagers questioned: is the titanium plant really shut down

it is worth mentioning that on June 17, after the poisoning incident of Yuantian primary school students, Tongzi local government informed the media that it had instructed Zunbao Titanium Industry Co., Ltd. to stop production of the problematic sodium electrolysis workshop

however, residents of Chumi town said that after the incident, there was still a strange smell in the air, and students were smoked down, indicating that the company did not stop production at all

Tongzi County government once reported that the poisoning of Yuantian primary school students was caused by equipment failure in the sodium electrolysis workshop of Zunbao Titanium Industry Co., Ltd., resulting in excessive discharge of pollutants. Local people also questioned this. Since the trial production of Zunbao Titanium Industry Co., Ltd. at the beginning of this year, the strange smell in the air has always existed. Has it been that the equipment has been in trouble? After the poisoning incident, even if production resumes, the fault should be eliminated, but the strange smell is still there. Does it mean that there is no fault at all, but that the company's production process has been unable to avoid pollution

on the same day, when I went to the plant area of Zunbao Titanium Industry Co., Ltd., I happened to meet the relevant person in charge of Tongzi County Environmental Protection Bureau. However, the other party said that the interview could only be conducted with the consent of the Publicity Department of the county Party committee. After that, the person in charge and the rest of the staff turned and left

later, he wanted to enter the factory for an interview, but was stopped by the guard, saying that "the person in charge of the company is not in"

parents: children will not resume classes until the pollution is solved.

on June 22, more than 80 students of Yucai Middle School were poisoned again, which aroused the dissatisfaction of the local people

on the road leading to the plant, people blocked many transport vehicles transporting raw materials for Zunbao Titanium Industry Co., Ltd. One of them is a liquid chlorine transport vehicle. The "type" column of the safety notice on the body reads "toxic gas", and a big word "toxic" on the body is striking

it is understood that after the poisoning incident, the teaching order of Yuantian primary school and Yucai Middle School was disrupted, and the two schools were completely closed on June 23

parents of students in the two schools told that Zunbao 2 According to the types of instigation at the end of measurement, there are mainly digital display and pointer; Before the pollution problem of Titanium Industry Co., Ltd. was solved, they refused to resume classes for their children

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