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Application of CO2 laser cutting technology in shipbuilding industry

CO2 laser cutting is the laser processing technology most used in shipbuilding production, but the practical application of laser cutting machine in shipyards where the passive needle can not stop at any position is not ideal all over the world except Japan

the main reasons are as follows: ① for the medium and thick plates widely used in shipyards, (the commonly used 5 ~ 6kW CO2 laser generator) the cutting speed is much slower than that of plasma, which cannot meet the requirements of "speed and efficiency priority" under the current shipbuilding situation. ② The initial investment cost is large, the operation and maintenance cost of equipment is high, and the return on investment is small, which makes the shipbuilding industry with extremely low profit margin unbearable for the time being

despite the above obstacles in the application of laser cutting in shipbuilding industry, in recent years, some new progress has been learned in the technology and process of laser cutting sources and related cutting and processing equipment framework used in this field, which makes it closer to the actual situation that shipbuilding production fully affirms the inspection and detection ability of the center than in the past. A typical example is the "carrying laser cutting machine", whose main feature is to load the compact and excellent CO2 laser generator directly onto the transverse moving pulley of the cutting machine. This fixed optical path method not only shortens the beam transmission path and maintains the constant characteristics of the laser beam, but also greatly widens the working range of the machine and enhances the cutting and processing ability of large-scale plates for ships, And can realize the cutting operation requirements of multi station and continuous work in the shipyard; In addition, this new type of machine and equipment covers a small area, has simple structure and good maintenance performance. Coupled with the open working area design, it makes the loading of plates and the downloading of parts and waste materials as easy as the traditional CNC cutting machine

Shanghai Jiangnan Changxing Shipbuilding Base Japanese Koike numerical control carrying laser cutting machine

equipped with German TRUMPF tlf5000 (5kW) laser generator

compared with advanced shipbuilding enterprises in Japan and Europe (the country with the largest application of laser technology in the shipbuilding industry in the world), first of all, Chinese shipyards still have a huge gap in understanding, mastering and promoting the application of CO2 laser cutting technology; Secondly, compared with developed countries, China's shipbuilding industry has a weak foundation and less experience in the application of high-tech in the past, but on the contrary, it has great comparative advantages in labor costs. Therefore, the use of high-tech and high investment laser cutting machines will face certain risks in the applicability of equipment use and investment return, which also leads to the phenomenon that domestic shipyards lack the subjective driving force for the application of CO2 laser cutting technology at present. Therefore, based on the technical and economic conditions of China's current shipyards, and combined with the types of ships under construction, we should comprehensively consider

CNC laser cutting machine is not a suitable technology for China's shipbuilding industry for the time being. At least at this stage, it plays a very limited role in improving the competitiveness of Lubrizol in providing color matching ships for customers. Even so, we are full of expectations: first, we hope that scholars, experts and relevant equipment manufacturers in relevant fields will do more active publicity and promotion work on the role that CO2 laser cutting technology should play in the modernization process of China's shipbuilding industry in the future, so that the industry can reach a consensus on this; Second, after all, domestic shipyards such as Jiangnan Changxing Shipbuilding Base have introduced the most advanced CNC mounted laser cutting machine in the world, which provides us with the opportunity to pay attention to their success or failure experience and witness its demonstration effect on Chinese shipbuilding; Finally, we hope that in a relatively short period of time, with the continuous progress of laser technology, the operation cost of laser cutting can be greatly reduced, so that it can compete with NC plasma cutting in terms of comprehensive economic benefits, so that it can be gradually recognized and accepted by China's shipbuilding industry. Let's wait and see. (end)

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