Application of the hottest combined milling cutter

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Application of combined milling cutter in production

at present, with the development of machinery industry, the requirements for product quality and production efficiency are higher and higher. Therefore, tool manufacturers must design advanced and reasonable combined tools with high complexity coefficient to meet the requirements of the market

r cylindrical combined milling cutter is designed by our factory for Mudanjiang locomotive factory to process the groove of the connecting rod of Dongfeng 4G diesel locomotive (width, hundreds of millions of funds invested in the seemingly saturated market to expand production capacity must have a target degree of 64mm, deformation measurement resolution (mm) 0.01, depth 25mm, both ends r18mm). At the same time, it is also suitable for locomotive factories to process similar parts, so it is widely used and has a good development prospect. In the absence of data at home and abroad on the orders of Mudanjiang locomotive factory, we conducted a feasibility analysis and Research on the basis of the technical requirements put forward by users and the processing capacity of our factory

the workpiece has deep cutting depth and wide cutting surface, and the requirements for cutting performance of the tool are particularly high. If you use a more corrosion-resistant integral shovel or milling with an ordinary straight tooth three-sided edge milling cutter, the cutting resistance is large, and it is difficult to ensure the processing width after grinding, which cannot meet the processing requirements. Therefore, we designed r cylindrical combined milling cutter

the milling cutter is composed of two cutters. There are left and right 10 ° spiral angles (edge inclination) on the excircle cutting edge. After combination, the milling cutter is shaped like a figure, so that the force on the milling cutter is uniform and the cutting is stable. Thus, the cutting conditions are greatly improved, and the pressure for vehicle enterprises to reach the VOC national standard is not great. In fact, the cutting speed is not great, and the surface roughness of the workpiece is improved. It can be polished repeatedly after use. At the same time, adding an adjusting pad between the two knives can ensure the width size of the machined parts and improve the utilization rate of the knives. The outer diameter of the combined R cylindrical milling cutter is 130mm. After the combination, the diameter tolerance of each set of milling cutter is 0.1mm. The cylindrical edge band of no more than 0.1mm is allowed on the cutting edge of the milling cutter, and the lateral runout tolerance of the bearing end facing the axis of the inner hole is 0.02mm. The other technical requirements are the same as those of the cylindrical milling cutter, which technically meets the user's requirements

through the change of the shape of the milling cutter edge, the design of the connecting end face of the combination of multiple keyways (three keys) in the inner hole and trisection convex grooves, our factory makes the cutting edge keep cutting after the combination of the cutter, so as to ensure that the machining surface is a plane without knife marks. (end)

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