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Application of coordinate measuring instrument in stamping parts processing

stamping parts are the forming processing method of the workpiece (stamping parts) with the required shape and size by applying external force to the plate, strip, pipe and profile by the press and die, so as to produce plastic deformation or separation. Stamping processing includes blanking, bending, stretching, forming, finishing and other processes. Sheet metal forming refers to sheet metal, thin-walled tubes, thin-walled sections, etc. 7. The forming method of taking samples as raw materials for plastic processing is collectively referred to as sheet metal forming. At this time, the deformation in the direction of thick plate is generally not considered

the testing of stamping parts mainly includes hardness testing, size testing, etc. the main purpose of hardness testing is to determine whether the annealing degree of purchased metal plates is suitable for the subsequent stamping parts processing. Different kinds of stamping parts processing processes require plates of different hardness levels. The aluminum alloy used for stamping can be tested by Wechsler hardness tester. When the material thickness is greater than 13mm, it can be tested by Babbitt hardness tester. Pure aluminum plate or low hardness aluminum alloy plate should be tested by Babbitt hardness tester

the size measurement of stamping parts is mainly to design and improve products and carry out reverse engineering. Therefore, in the selection of CMM, we should consider the strong CAD function in software function. Siri CMM adopts the industry benchmark software PC-DMIS, which not only has the function of importing CAD, Kaifeng Longyu Chemical Co., Ltd. is a new material production enterprise based on POM, but also can provide reverse CAD measurement. At the same time, relying on the global resources and technical advantages of hexcon, the world's largest measurement technology group in its modern models, Siri CMM adopts imported parts from world-renowned suppliers and is assembled in China, which further improves the high cost performance of products and completes the detection of different characteristics of the successful launch of the new generation of LLDPE packaging materials for any workpiece

stamping industry is an industry that covers a wide range of fields and goes deep into all aspects of manufacturing industry. The application of CMM in stamping industry has greatly improved the detection, design and reverse engineering of stamping parts, and promoted the development of stamping industry

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