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Application of color image and color separation technology

commonly used color images are RGB color model images. Color separation is to decompose the color image into gray-scale images of cyan, magenta, yellow and black. Therefore, color separation technology is to first convert various colors in the color image from RGB color model to CMYK color model, and then store the color image as gray-scale images of cyan, magenta, yellow and black. Therefore, the key of color separation technology is color space conversion technology

according to the above relationship between RGB color model and CMYK color model, we can obtain the content ratio of C, m, y and K required when a color on the original image is generated by the combination of CMYK ink. The two models have the following relationship: C = F-R; M=F-G; Y = f - B, where f is the full chromaticity value

for any color C, m, y, if its component is not 0, there is a gray component, and its size is min (C, m, y)

in actual printing, black pigment is added to make up for the defect that the black formed by subtractive 3 primary color is not black enough. At the same time, the use of black pigments can also save a lot of color pigments. Black pigments can be directly used to form different gray levels without subtracting three primary colors. In this way, after the introduction of black pigment, there are redundant green, powder and yellow components. The actual printing results show that the content of green, powder and yellow must be reduced by the part replaced by black pigment. Therefore, the conversion relationship between RGB color model and CMYK color model

for this conversion relationship, several explanations are needed:

(1) the color gamut range of RGB color model is easy to increase, and the self gravity range is larger than that of CMYK color model.

some color combinations of RGB color space cannot appear the situation of obvious awakening after the financial crisis, which is represented by the color of CMYK color space. During the conversion, these colors will be cut off, It can only be converted to similar CMYK colors as far as possible, so there is a one-time conversion problem

(2) the conversion formula is only realized under ideal conditions

in practical application, due to the characteristics and composition of pigments and other factors, the effect of color separation image printing according to the above formula is difficult to meet the requirements of application due to the large friction coefficient of plates, so the conversion coefficient of color space must be corrected to ensure the output quality of color images

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