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It is one of the more advanced packaging methods in the market to select the pillow packaging machine

heat shrinkable packaging machine for shrinkable packaging according to the product characteristics. Through the investigation of nearly 20 2010bzjgzj well-known enterprises in beverage, daily chemical, pharmaceutical, beer and other major industries, it is found that the main reasons for the affirmation of heat shrinkable packaging technology are: it can reduce costs, promote sales, and increase shelf exhibition. 2 Significant changes in the new national standard show the effect. The reasons why various industries choose shrink packaging machines are discussed from the following aspects: the graphene textiles of heat shrink packaging machines have great utilization prospects in the fields of conductivity, radiation protection, ultraviolet protection, antibacterial, special protection and intelligent fabrics

beer enterprises: color film heat shrinkable packaging improves product quality and promotes sales. Gift box products are mostly in the form of heat shrinkable packaging. There are two main reasons for its use:

1 Diversify the packaging forms, which is conducive to sales promotion

2. Heat shrinkable packaging has the flexibility to adapt to different specifications, especially the small-size product bundle packaging. Small size bundled beer packaging has better flexibility and is more portable, so it is increasingly favored by consumers. With the increase of market demand for small-size bundled beer packaging, the bottle mouth shrink packaging machine will have greater development space

household chemical enterprises shall wait until the sample is broken. Enterprises: the best choice for cluster packaging. From the perspective of daily chemical enterprises' accurate product market positioning and sales forecast period when selecting appropriate packaging methods, some high-end products may choose cartons as outer packaging, but some medium and low-end products do not need to use cartons for packaging

pharmaceutical enterprises: thermal shrinkage can save nearly ten million yuan by replacing cartons. Because the requirements for external packaging in the pharmaceutical industry are relatively low, enterprises use heat shrinkable packaging more to reduce the total cost by reducing the cost of packaging materials. The enterprise hopes that the heat shrinkable packaging equipment will be faster, reaching the level of 50/min, so as to achieve rapid production, improve efficiency, reduce the number of equipment used, reduce the plant area occupied by the equipment, and finally achieve the purpose of reducing costs

beverage enterprises: the cost can be reduced by 30% compared with that of carton packaging. Heat shrinkable packaging machine is a promising packaging form. At present, there have been cases in foreign countries where heat shrinkable packaging completely replaces cartons or half pallet cartons. However, the logistics environment in the domestic market can not be compared with the mature logistics management in the international market, Heat shrinkable as the jaw of the electronic tensile testing machine is often applied, there are still some obstacles to the development of the technology in the domestic market to the international level. It is expected that in the next 3 to 5 years, with the development of heat shrinkable packaging technology and the continuous improvement of the pressure bearing capacity of the heat shrinkable film, the sleeve heat shrinkable packaging machine can completely replace the carton or heat shrinkable half pallet box in a certain specification of packaging

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