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German owned Yadi (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. was established in 1989 and is responsible for the entire Asia Pacific market. At present, we have branches in China, Taiwan, South Korea,

Singapore and Malaysia, mainly responsible for marketing, sales and agency operations; Offices have been set up in Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines. Especially in China, we have established five more perfect sales branches, mainly distributed in Shanghai, Beijing,

Xi'an, Shenzhen and Zhuhai

Founded in 1945, German Yadi International Group Co., Ltd. is a German family enterprise. It is a global company mainly engaged in the production and sales of various electronic and motor connectors. Its products are mainly used in transportation tools, energy industrial equipment, various machine tools, automation equipment, professional power supply, communication and other fields

use "automated it" to build a seamless Ethernet

in the global market where market constraints continue to push through the old to bring forth the new and buyers' behavior is uncertain, the information exchange between all members of the value chain must be

unimpeded. Even in the most modern production lines, the networks for automation, communication, data exchange with business systems and multimedia services are separated from each other

now standard Ethernet provides a solution, which can perfectly combine automation and it into a network. Whether it is industrial control, ip

communication, video, ERP, office equipment or sensors, all applications can run in the same integrated Ethernet that touches raw resin, color masterbatch, mixing of color masterbatch and raw materials, injection molding process, injection molding machine, mold, etc. through cable connection. In this way, all clients can communicate safely and reliably in one network

Ethernet promotes perfect networking between automation and it. At the 2006 Hannover international industrial exhibition, HARTING and Cisco Systems demonstrated advanced, scalable and reliable solutions. HARTING advocates that the network topology, components and wiring should be consistent from the office to the most demanding environment

network performance also ensures the highest availability of time critical processes. Different data processes can be identified at the same time and assigned to appropriate application systems. In this way, automation, business system, communication and multimedia services are integrated into one network

automated it means: advantages of integration

the integration of office it and automated plant network opens up a situation for potential rationalization that has not yet been realized in planning, installation and operation. Previously, the speed of the process was limited by the interconnection requirements between office and factory application systems. Today, automated it enables barrier free, lossless communication. From each core process, automated it can directly access the complete data of all application systems in real time. By linking all core processes, unprecedented transparency and speed have been achieved

brings major advantages to customers:

a, more transparent management

b, reducing installation and operation costs by reducing planning, installation and operation expenses

c, making business processes more effective by connecting sales and production processes

according to market monitoring data

d, maintaining the highest availability and performance even under the most demanding conditions

f Conduct real-time barrier free communication between all network clients

g, set the precision 144 parameters of automation and forge ahead, and constantly reflect the single network integrating office it, communication and video monitoring

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