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Damp proof and electricity saving? Guda is the first choice for high-end new European standard villa wires

although the wire and cable industry is only a supporting industry, it accounts for 1/4 of the output value of China's electrical industry. It has a wide range of products and applications, involving power, construction, communications, manufacturing and other industries, and is closely related to all sectors of the national economy. Wires and cables are also known as the arteries and nerves of the national economy. They are indispensable basic equipment for transmitting electric energy, transmitting information, manufacturing various motors, instruments and meters, and realizing electromagnetic energy conversion. They are also necessary basic products in the future electrification and information society

in daily life, home decoration wires also play an important role. However, the wires are prone to aging due to moisture, and the problem of high electricity payment deeply puzzles most families. As a wire and cable enterprise, how to innovate in the production of household wires to avoid the above problems

gooda cable, as a cable benchmarking enterprise and industry leader, has been committed to product scientific and technological innovation and spent a lot of money to build a R & D team since its establishment, with the mission of transmitting light to the world and protecting the power safety of more families

recently, the high-end wire brand European standard villa wire produced by gooda cable was officially launched. This product uses environmental friendly low smoke halogen-free radiation crosslinked polyolefin insulating material, which is non-toxic, environmental friendly and healthy. It has passed the three major international quality certifications of RoHS in the EU, SAA in Australia and UL in the United States, and meets the environmental protection standards for international exports to ensure the national major engineering construction products. At the same time, it can meet the requirements that a variety of household intelligent appliances can be used at the same time without tripping. Compared with other ordinary wires, European standard villa wires can save 15% of the electricity charge

in addition, gooda cable has not only realized the stable transformation from high-speed small torque to low-speed large torque, but also paid attention to external cooperation. Through the introduction of irradiation particle accelerator equipment imported from Russia, the irradiation technology of new European standard villa wires has been greatly improved. The high temperature resistance can reach ℃, and the service life can reach 70 years; A new type of non hygroscopic polymer material has been jointly developed with the doctoral expert group of Guizhou University. The use of this material has made the minimum sales volume of 10000 yuan for the test piece taken out in the European standard (5) achieve remarkable results in professional moisture-proof, solve the common problems existing in the industry, and jointly promote the technological innovation and progressive development of the cable industry

European standard villa wires have been insured by Ping An company, and each meter of wires are insured by Ping An insurance. This also gives customers a reassurance, which is enough to prove that European standard villa wires have high moisture-proof, anti-aging and other safety! Truly realize the safe use of electricity 0 hidden danger

technological innovation is endless, and the craftsman spirit is never out of date. Gooda cable will always adhere to the spirit of craftsman, base itself on the work position with the spirit of down-to-earth, tenacity, perseverance and excellence, create the best quality products and services, and promote the transformation and upgrading of the enterprise

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