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Andritz provides CTMP and OCC equipment for Russian factories

Andritz of Austria will provide two sets of new material preparation systems for Zao kartontara factory in maykop in the Autonomous Republic of Russia. Andritz said that this was the first time the company independently undertook such business in Russia

Andritz will be responsible for the construction of a chemical thermomechanical pulp (CTMP) production line with a daily output of 160 metric tons and an OCC production line with a daily output of 145 metric tons. These two production lines will provide raw materials for the factory's original corrugated paper, imitation cow card and cow card machine

the purpose of factory transformation is to meet the increasing requirements of Russia for product quality

Andritz undertakes the marketing, sales, manufacturing and service of VOC preparation equipment produced by German material degradation in the Russian market

as a high-tech production system provider of pulp, paper, steel and other special industrial products that still perform well after three times of melting, Andritz occupies a leading position in the world. The sales volume of the company in 2000 was 973million euros, with more than 4400 employees in 18 countries including Austria, Germany, Finland, Denmark, France, the United States, Canada and China

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