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Select Voith supply paper/lwc movable paper machine

Singapore, December 11 (paper ring); Shandong Huatai Paper selected Voith for its Dongying paper mill to supply drivers with a broader vision of the paper/light weight coated paper (LWC) movable paper machine worth 1.3 billion yuan (US $157million)

the order of the paper machine is PM10, the daily production capacity is 806 tons (280000 tons per year), the design speed is 1800 m/min, and the width is 6.24 M. According to the arrangement of the supplier, the construction workshop will be started in January next year. 6 the company is mainly responsible for the development of ultra-thin carbon fiber layer technology in the permanent situation, which will be completed in June, and the installation of paper machine will begin in July. It was officially put into operation in early 2003, but LWC was not prepared to be produced in the initial stage. The state-owned enterprise will not prepare to produce LWC in the middle of 2002. The state-owned enterprise will select suppliers in mid-2002 to provide necessary post-processing equipment, including coating machines and super calenders

the paper machine can use mixed recycled waste paper and pure fiber as raw materials, and can produce paper with a base weight of 48.8 g/m2 and LWC with a base weight of g/m2

Huatai has not yet selected a fiber production line to supply new machines, including a 500 ton deinked waste pulp (DIP) production line, a 200 ton bleached preheating wood chip semi chemical mechanical pulp production line and a 100 ton bleached cork pulp production line. According to the spokesman, the supplier will make a decision in early 2002

while applying to the government for approval of the project, the company also proposed to build a new LWC paper machine with an annual output of 150000 tons. In terms of information, it is pointed out that it is extremely rare for the company to propose to build a new LWC paper machine project while applying for the government's approval to open the lamp recorder to purchase a new machine. However, lijianhua, President of the company, believes that increasing the production capacity of L1 and WC in some parts design manuals and Monographs on experimental machine manufacturing is mainly in line with the modern production capacity of the machine

a production line with an annual output of 160000 tons of pm9 and 460 tons of deinked waste pulp of Huatai company supplied by Andritz Ahlstrom began commercial production in October this year

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