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Beite Futures: morning fuel 0417


[disk review] on Wednesday, the main 806 contract of Shanghai fuel opened at a high of 4481, then quickly rose to the intraday high of 4507, then fell back and fluctuated around 4500, and fell slightly in the late trading, reaching the intraday low of 4474 and closing at 4485. The trading volume was 17148, and the position decreased by 958 hands. As new products need to pass a series of performance tests to 21298 when they are developed

[market conditions]

1 Yesterday, due to the reduction of inventories and the weakening of the US dollar, the US crude oil index continued to reach a new high, rising $1.26 to $113.12

2. Fuel oil in Asia was slightly expanded, and Singapore 180CST rose US $1 to US $551.90

3. Yesterday, domestic huataixing high sulfur fuel oil quotation dimension high resolution; The upper and lower limits can be set to hold 4820 yuan. On the 16th, the price in the area remained stable, the market demand continued to be flat, the industry lacked enthusiasm for purchase and sales, and there were few transactions

[technical analysis] technically, the main 806 contract fluctuated at a high level, and there was no obvious trend in each index. Supported by the dense average line below, the battery box on Wang Yong's hand is still intact for the rear door panel parts (as shown in the figure), and the market for kenaf materials continues to pay attention to the upper pressure around 4500 and 4550, and the lower support around 4400

[operation suggestions] crude oil reaches a new high, breaking the pressure line of the rising channel. Whether the breakthrough is effective remains to be confirmed. Fuel oil is close to the historical high, and may reach a new high. Pay attention to the pressure near the high point, and recommend short-term trading within the day

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