Yongji stairs are constantly thundering, not stupi

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Yongji staircase 2017 blockbusters continue to be staged, just like Yu Zhen, our image spokesman, who is resolute and resolute

in 2017, after winning the top ten brands of Chinese stairs for the fifth consecutive year, the construction of Yongji stairs' Hubei Branch, covering an area of 120 mu and with an investment of more than 200million yuan, officially started on February 18, and the upcoming April 27, the annual excellent franchise store award ceremony will be grandly held in the Beijing People's congress hall

Yongji staircase 2017 blockbusters continue to be staged, just like Yu Zhen, our image spokesman, who is resolute and resolute

here's a piece of good news. It's definitely not April Fool's Day

this evening on Beijing Film and television channel,

the TV series "thunder on the earth", directed and starred by Yu Zhen, consoled Ni Meng

this play tells the story of Lei Zhenzi, Zhao Fenghuang and Lou Shengsan, who have sworn in since childhood and called themselves "the three chivalrous men of Zhili", who have experienced the training baptism of the military readiness school, and the long years of Yuan Shikai's accession to the throne and fall, Zhang Xun's restoration, Beijing's coup, and even Japan's invasion of China and the fall of Baoding. The three have organized the basaltic society against evil Japan, from preventing the basaltic society from stealing folk national treasure level medicine books, to stopping Japan from privately planting marijuana for economic aggression, Then unite as one, overturn the conspiracy of the Japanese side after its invasion of China, the feelings and betrayals between the three brothers, the entanglement with the external forces of the late Qing Dynasty, warlords, bandits, the Kuomintang and the Communist Party, and the national hatred against the Japanese invaders, intertwined with each other, performing an epic of the nation spanning more than 20 years, a tangled struggle between good and evil, love and hate. On September 24, 1937, the Japanese attacked Baoding, and the 52nd army bravely defended the city. The "three chivalrous men of Zhili" stood together again in the face of family feuds and national calamities

its painting style can be like this

or like this

do you know which style of Yongji staircase this is?

at 20:43 tonight (April 1), the Beijing Film and television channel

TV series "earth thunder" was broadcast

remember to watch it on time

top ten brands of stairs in China

the 14th year of focusing on the stair industry





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