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The product quality of "Magdalen t-door" has been CE certified by British certificate company; The company has passed the ISO9001 product quality management system certification and become the recommended supplier of the 12th National Games. The quality is absolutely guaranteed

"Magdalen t-door" product quality has been CE certified by British certificate company; The company has passed the ISO9001 product quality management system certification, and has become a recommended supplier for the 12th National Games and an AAA credit enterprise. In 2013, it was awarded the title of "leading enterprise in Liaoning forestry industry", "top 10 green wooden doors" and Liaoning famous brand products by Liaoning Province

Magdalene wooden door - Italian CPL series - lacquer white

product advantages of Magdalene wooden door

1, super scratch resistance

Magdalene T-type door is made of CPL decorative surface material, which has super wear-resistant, scratch resistant and impact resistant properties

2. Super quiet effect

Magdalen T-shaped door adopts hollow structure and double tooth structure, which brings extremely strong sealing, heat preservation and sound insulation performance to the door. The original German imported sealing strip between the door cover and the door leaf has dust-proof sealing and sound insulation effect of 50 dB, far exceeding the national standard

3. Super environmental protection and health

Magdalene T-shaped door is made of selected materials. The core materials are imported from Germany with original packaging. The environmental protection level reaches Magdalene E1 standard, which can be used safely even for pregnant women and infants

Magdalene wooden door - Italian CPL series - Golden sandalwood

4, super dust-proof, heat preservation, moisture resistance

Magdalene T-shaped door, double tooth structure, three sided integral T-shaped edge sealing, even if it is left unattended for a long time, it can ensure that the room is new

5. Super manufacturing process

Magdalen t-door production equipment adopts the special production line for t-door imported from Germany. The process and technology are based on German standards to ensure that the accuracy of each set of wooden doors reaches the world-class level

6. Super high quality hardware

Magdalen T-shaped door adopts mute trigeminal hinge imported from Germany, and special door lock for T-shaped door. All hardware are unified by the factory. The switch is flexible, and there is no noise when the door leaf is opened

7. Super simple, fast and easy installation

Magdalen T-shaped door adopts the noiseless and fast installation method, which is fast and convenient. According to the steps in the manual, it can be easily installed by yourself even without a carpenter

magde wooden door - German CPL series - sour wood





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