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Where is Dad going Hot screen, where do many children want to go to their father? But as the end of the year approached, many children began to ask, where is daddy going? Today, Xiaobian of Wuhan home decoration network will tell you where children should live at the end of the year. The super cute decoration of children's rooms is the favorite of dads

children are always the most imaginative. Everything is new and interesting in their eyes, so of course, children's rooms are best fairy tales one by one. Today, the Xiaobian of Wuhan home decoration network will introduce you some super cute children's rooms and take you into the world of fairy tales

facing the bed is a lovely kite flying picture, and the TV is just embedded in the two intersecting kite lines. Casual painting style is the favorite style of children. Next to the bed is another fairy tale, which is very cute

children always like cartoon things, but simple things can inspire their imagination. If flowers, trees and other things are painted on the wall, colorful paper can be used to describe the trajectory of leaves falling

such a large range of decoration envelops everything in the room. The dense decorative paintings fill the whole roof. At the same time, the bright orange and pink patterns are also full of childlike fun. Even the columns and cabinets in the house were not spared

a boy's bedroom should be bright and quiet with a certain tone. It can be said that blue is the most qualified color. The blue sky from deep to light on the background wall is mixed with snowflakes, and the cartoon characters dressed in red below, as well as the red storage in the room, have become a good ornament

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