Zhongqi saikailong 2012 annual fire safety drill

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In order to effectively strengthen fire safety management, enhance employees' awareness of fire safety, further improve employees' understanding and understanding of fire knowledge, prevent and reduce sudden fire hazards, improve the ability to deal with and deal with fire hazards, ensure the personal safety of the company's property and employees, and ensure safe production without accidents. "Zhongqi saikailong 2012 annual fire safety drill" kicked off on April 25. Relevant leaders of the company came to the site to guide, and all employees participated in the fire safety drill. In order to achieve the effect of practical exercise and improve the response ability of employees to fire accidents. The company specially invited the armed police of Gaoming District Fire squadron to the scene to explain the basic fire-fighting common sense and fire-fighting methods to the employees, integrate theory with practice, and carry out fire-fighting practice to improve the employees' ability to fight the initial fire

this fire safety drill was a complete success. Through this fire drill, the fire safety awareness of the company's employees was further strengthened, and the operation steps and methods of general fire-fighting equipment were mastered at the same time. During the exercise, the cooperation ability of all departments was improved, and the organization ability, command ability and adaptability of the company's safety working group were also exercised. It has laid a foundation for efficient and orderly work safety in the future





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