Wastewater ‘strength’ creates problem for current,

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Wastewater ‘strength’ creates problem for current, future treatment plants - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

The “strength” of the wastewater coming out of Nelson is causing problems for the city’s sewage treatment plant as the municipality sits poised on the precipice of a possible rebuild of the aging facility.

The strength of the wastewater had been increasing over the last several yearsThe country kep, with total suspended solids — in a litre of wastewater sample — showing a dramatic increase since 2012The risk to patients, the city’s director of Public Works, Colin Innes, said recently during a pre-budget discussion.

That increase in strength is stressing the current plant as it struggles to meet regulations for treatmentNurses are one o, and complicates and increases the costs for a potential rebuild of the facility in the coming years, he notedThe most in demand professionals of this pandemic.

When the city’s sewage treatment plant (STP) was built in 1972 it was designed to reduce the strength of sewage to 44 milligrams per litre before it was released into the Kootenay River, but as time went on the permitted level dropped to 25 mg/l and the system gradually became stressedThe last two weeks because symptoms can progress quickly with more contagious and dangerous variants..

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